China Tablet Help!


Hi everyone, as i am ne to tablets etc. i have a few questions i would like to ask

1.Is a legitimate website?

2.What are the differences between the following tablets.
Herotab RK7
Herotab RK7 800Mhz Android 2.1 1080P HDMI/USB +free case
Herotab X5A Herotab X5A Multitouch Gsensor 800Mhz Android 2.1 1080P HDMI/USB+free case
And are they worth buying?

3.Is it possible to insert min keypads into them?

4.If theres anything you know about these... please share your knowledge. thanks!


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Hmm, i did a recent search too myself because i was interested in a tablet aswell.

There is the Augen gentouch 78... for 150 dollars. :)

Augen Gentouch 78 preview -- Engadget

and the archos series for real cheap! They are good value for cash dude :)〈=en
there is also a site called mp4nation. They are legitimate / legal
but have heard bad reviews about them.

They sell android tablets too :)

MP4 Nation!, :: Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest MP4 Player

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One bite at a time...
1. Merimobiles is a legitimate web site. They are one of the many resellers of Chinese knockoff tablets to the International market.

2. My suggestion is to steer clear of Telechips processors. The challenge we are seeing with many of the current crop of knockoff tablets is a lack of upgradeability, poor support, and buggy implementations of Android. Looks towards tablets with newer processors like the Tegra 2, the Hummingbird, and the Snapdragon.

3. Unless you happen to be an Electrical Engineer I would recommend against trying to incorporate a keyboard into the tablet. The best solution using current technology would be to associate a bluetooth keyboard. Keep in mind, however, that knockoff tablets with minimal OS support could have challenges when integrating devices like this. If this happens, who do you call?

And with respect to Stinky's suggestion of the Augen Gentough 78, I'd also recommend against that tablet too. There are lots of posts in the Tablets & Mid's forum about issues with the Augen tablet. It was sold here in the U.S. through K-Mart retail stores. While it initially sold quickly, many owners returned or exchanged their tablets do to out-of-box issues.

To assist you further I'm going to move this thread to the Tablets & Mid's forum...