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Chineese clone fakephone Xiaomi MI-2S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MirStro, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Dear forum participants,
    I turn to you for help in solving my problem.

    On a business trip in Shanghai, I bought a phone Xiaomi MI-2S. I confess without torture, that it was not the best idea, dealer sold me a copy for $350,- Unfortunately, it was a rash decision on my part. Once home, 8.000 kilometers away, I found that it is a copy.

    I managed to install Google Play, and partly by language morelocale2 and CWM recovery. But there was a problem with the quality of the GPS signal. Another problem occurred with incoming calls. I never pleaded, has always been in the handset phone that called me to hear one ring and then dropped conjunction with the fact that the number is busy.

    That was why I started looking for alternative ROM. Unfortunately I made ​​a mistake and re flash preloader. Currently not working USB connection. I tried to find TP, but none responded and triggered the connection to the PC. So I do not know what I'd do. Please see the attached zip with photo.
    I also put the pictures on my server: elektrolety.com/clone_Chineese_fakephone_Xiaomi_MI-2S

    Will anyone know what kind of phone is it?
    Thanks so much for any advice. :smokingsomb:

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