Chinese 10.2" Tablet, need some help


Hey fellas, I'm new here, hope you'll help me :p

Thing is: I LOVE ANDROID, I have a x10 with Gingerbread and I love it, so uppon seeing a site with a very good discount on a 10.2" android 2.3 tablet, I decided to buy it, even knowing it has resistive touchscreen and other cheap-gadget chinese quality. I was very cheap, let's say about 1/6 the price of a Xoom or a good tablet. It will arrive this week :D

I love messing arround with my x10, editting stuff, etc. I crash the system alot, and it only fixes when I reinstall the ROM. I'll want to root and edit my Tablet too, thing it there's no community for it anywhere! I don't even know the tablet's name! Is there a way to back-up it's ROM in case I do anything stupid, so I can restore it?

Here's a link to the tablet's specifications:
(Sorry for the link being in portuguese, I'm brazilian!)

Thanks guys :D