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Chinese copy phones -could be interesting actually!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by jago25_98, May 21, 2011.

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    Baggy actually asked a similar question back in 2010:

    but I thought I better start a new thread.

    The thing that interests me about Android, the major thing that interests me is that it finally sounds like we getting a standard hardware platform to work on.
    This is exciting because unlike the iPhone it means we can have manufacterers competing on the hardware, but maintain a standard operating system and therefore hopefully a large selection of cheap software. This may not last forever. Somehow we might in the future find some sort of crack down on cracked software or jailbroken phones. But for now I'm interested.

    Up until now Chinese copy phones have only really been good in use as basic phones rather than smartphones. They have the advantage sometimes of dual, triple, even quad sim and sometimes even TV too. They are wonderfully free of all the buerocracy. But the fake iPhones and smartphones up until now have been a bit of a con. Why? -because they don't run the same software. In fact, they look like smartphones but in many ways they're not. They run their own awful firmware.

    With Android I wonder if this can all change. Might we see a cheap Chinese knock-off running an unlicensed copy of Android? Has anyone seen this yet? With some phones already sub $100 they'd certainly be cheap. What might the disadvantages of such a phone be? Certainly the thought is already being attacked by the major vendors.

    I've already seen some dual sim Android phones. Are these really running Android?

    Personnally I don't know if I rate battery time on any android phone yet to use as my only phone so I'm looking at these Chinese copies and thinking... yes, I could use this abroad with 2 simcards just for web browsing and generally testing out new Android jailbreak only apps.

    Thoughts, ideas, comments?

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