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I've got a Chinese Cybernav 7" tablet running Android 2.2.
At least it was up until a week ago.
The boot up gets hung on the ANDROID logo loop and stops loading.
The seller pointed me to a link with the Flash reinstall software docs that are supposed to be loaded on to a thumb drive and run while plugged into the USB port of any computer running XP or better(I think).
The tablet gets plugged into another USB port and the provided PhoenixCard.ini is supposed to be run and directed to the drive that the tablet is seen in.
They provided a .pdf with instructions as well.
The problem is, I've only got a Mac G5 old processor tower and a Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo Intel CPU.
Each will run a different version of XP Home Ed. but the G5 needs Virtual PC and the Mackbook needs the Retail Full install installed on a separate partition, either on my internal or external drive.
I've got a Firewire external 500Gb HD with 5 partition.
I'm wondering if I should/can go cheap with a $25 VPC version I've seen or am I best off getting a $40+ Full Install MS XP SP2?


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i'm have never heard of your tablet before and unfortunately support for your tablet will be hard to find. here is why:

maybe some one here can chime in to help you.....good luck

As an Android noob I wasn't sure where to place this topic.
Your Tablet section had no choice for any Chinese tablets, yet.
Thanks for moving this to a proper location.
Maybe it's time to add some foreign mfgrs to the list.
These tablets have been selling on Ebay for a while, now.
I've seen earlier posts on other forums from Cybernav users who were stuck and needed help.
Maybe this thread and link will help some other users re-install their AOS.

So, at this point, since the Chinese Seller has directed me to this link,
5 inch and 7 inch cybernav series A10 firmware and guide - Download - 4shared
I'm not asking for actual Android OS help.
My question is about if any Apple Mac users or MS Windows users know whether the older Virtual PC w/MS XP SP2 will be sufficient to allow a Flash drive update of the Android OS while running on the Motorola CPU old Mac G5 system, or is is best to run the re-install on an Intel based Mac computer.
I'd prefer not to possibly corrupt some friend PC MS Windows OS by running this update, so I thought that maybe running Windows XP on either of my own Mac computers would work OK.

Money is tight in this economy, so I'd rather figure out how to fix this AOS on a non-damaged Chinese 7" tablet than spend more on another Android or even the Apple 7.9" new tablet, yet.
I hate wasting anything that can be cured of it's ailments.

I've always been able to repair most software issiues on any Macs with a boot CD or by attaching an ext. HD with Techtool Pro or Disk Warrior, and etc.

These tables don't seem to be as user friendly, even if made by some of the Brand name mfgrs that this forum does have listed.

Are Android's many OS varieties Only able to be repaired with a PC?


I don't think that ROM flashing software is going to work very well in a virtual Windows environment, like Virtual Box, as I'm sure it will need low-level access to the USB port and the tablet's hardware. And I'm certainly sure it's not going to work on an older Power-PC G5 Mac with software emulation. Can you beg, steal or borrow a Windows PC? Using Boot-camp on the Core 2 Duo Mac should work, but you'd have to get a copy of Windows.

As for not been user friendly, you're right about these cheapo tablets. In fact you're probably lucky the software and instructions are in English and not Chinese, and that you're lucky to get them at all...given what you've actually got there.


I know Samsung Android devices are well supported on Apple Mac.

Are Android's many OS varieties Only able to be repaired with a PC?

In normal use, quality devices like Samsungs, Sonys, HTCs, Motorolas, etc. shouldn't have to be "repaired". It's cheapo things this Cybernav(who?) that can often brick and malfunction due to poor quality. With the cheapo devices they only support Windows, really because in China that's what most people have. You might be considered rather affluent if you own a Mac here. And if one is rich enough to own a Mac in China, one far is more likely to have an iPhone or an iPad or a Samsung than one of these cheapo things. So they just don't bother.


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First I'm just leary of any company/person that sends me to 4shared for anything. I would do a major virus check before doing anything with the file I got from there. Secondly as Mike points out there may need to be physical low level stuff you need to do in order for the thing to work. Lastly I learned my lesson the hard way about cheap tablets. I'm the owner of one. I don't use it much these days as I went and got me a Nexus 7 and couldn't be happier with the decision to buy a named brand bit more pricey tablet. Lots of support for the named brand stuff and very little for the no named or low named


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Thanks for all the input.
I found a Virtual PC 7 w/Windows XP Pro on ebay for $1.04+2.58S&H.
Helps to be patient and wait for the deals to show up.
But, as has been replied here, VPC/WP was unable to get the USB to show up.
So, next I'm going to get a WinXP Home Ed we/SP2 or better and Boot Bamp that onto an external Firewire 400 HD through my Macbook Pro.
I've seen the Win XP Home Ed on ebay for less than $50 delivered.
I'll keep you posted.
BTW, I got the Cybernav w/AOS 2.2 for under $90 delivered from China because it was the only device that had a GPS chip on it and WiFi. The GPS worked fine and most anywhere I'd go I could find free WiFi.
I'm not paying for a second Mobile Internet plan just to get navigation on a 'smart' phone.
I'm not sure that is all the smart.
My old LG UX6000 flip phone still works like a champ on a minimal plan.
Most business long calls are from my landline in my home office.
I like stretching out older technology for all it's worth.
If I can't get this AOOS 2.2 7" tablet (which is another reason I wanted it. 7" fits right in my cargo pants side pocket.) then the newest Cybernav has 4.x on it, so I'd get one of them to replace it.