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Chinese tips & tricks thread?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bkg, May 24, 2010.

  1. bkg

    bkg Lurker
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    Did some forum searching, but didn't find much Chinese-related on the Inc. Any chance we can get some discussion going on how to get the most out of our Inc in the Chinese Internet realm (while still in the US)?

    To start, I'm currently using the Google Pinyin IME, and it seems fine. Any other recommendations? I tried sending messages with characters to an iPhone, but those never got through. (A message to a verizon phone did, but it wasn't a smart phone so obviously the characters were missing)

    I found 财新网 has an iPhone app for its magazine and that they're currently developing for other platforms. Hopefully that includes Android!

    Also, my Chinese is pretty good, but could use some improvement. Anyone have any experience with all the dictionaries/flash card apps out there? Most seemed to be pretty basic and thus not too useful for me. I'd be willing to pay for a quality one.

    Any other comments, suggestions, questions? I hope to get some discussion going! :)

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