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Choice of 3 things for getting a smartphone

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Luke Drillbrain, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter

    I've been wanting to get a smartphone for a while now. I've been just using a clunky prepaid Tracfone, but there's no denying the advantages of a smartphone. I've stayed away this long because I don't want a long-term contract. I want to be able to leave if I don't like a service.

    I've narrowed it down to getting a prison-busted Sony Xperia L and service with 35 or less. Looks like I can get one of those phones for about $170. My other thought was to get something older and even cheaper at a pawn shop. We'll see.

    I want to be able to take my schedule with me. I keep it in Korganizer on my Kubuntu Linux laptop, and my contacts in KaddressBook. I've researched it on the web and it is possible to sync them without using Google Address Book.

    The one down side of going with Android instead of iPhone was that there's no version of Ultralingua for Android while there is for iPhone. I use Ultralingua (under Linux via WINE) for my German/English and French/English dictionaries. Not a big problem

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  2. unnamedny

    unnamedny Android Expert

    You should get Moto G, period.
  3. MotoTurbo

    MotoTurbo Well-Known Member

    Yep you should go for the moto g and don't look back
  4. olbriar


    Hi Luke. Welcome to Android Forums. You will have to do as we all do as consumers... follow your best whim lol. Seriously, it's impossible for another to advise you which way might be best for you. It sounds as if you've done some research. No matter free or cost.. you won't be happy with a limited tool. You had best go the direction that will serve you the best.
  5. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter

    I've taken your advice. I've just ordered a Moto G and will be going with Consumer Cellular. I'm not locked into any contract and the plan I signed up for should be good for my needs. If you ever leave their service, they give you the unlock code. (You can unlock via information found on the Internet anyway.) However, I'd bet they'll be good. They've gotten good online reviews.

    I decided to buy the phone from them instead of from a paw shop because it's covered by warranty.

    I'm porting my old phone number over. Now I'm off to search for the apps I want. I want that one where you can scan a bar code at a store to see if the item you're interested in is cheaper elsewhere. I also want a French/English and a German/English dictionary. There's a version of Anki for Android that I'll be using. That's a flash card program that I've been using for learning French. I should be able to port my data over. You can from Linux to Windows and vice versa without a hitch.
  6. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Love my Moto G. And while it's not my main phone (couldn't use something without LTE), it's a fantastic device, on the newest software, great build, good battery life and a nice screen. You won't be disappointed. Oh, did I mention the price?! ;):)

    Also, welcome to the forums, Luke Drillbrain! :hello:
  7. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I only paid $150 for it. That's not bad at all. I had originally planned to go to a pawn shop and find a used Android phone for around $100. For an extra 50 bucks I'm getting a new phone that's warrantied and is the one that you guys recommended here.

    I like the fact that there are so many apps available for free for Android phones. That's one of the reasons I use Linux on my PCs. I'm sure that iPhone 3 that I could have gotten for free is a perfectly good phone. I don't bash iPhones, but after doing the research it seems that Android is a better fit for me.
  8. olbriar


    I hope you love your new phone Luke and that it serves you well. You might enjoy checking out the discussion area for your new phone. The members there know all the tricks for the phone and love helping each other out. Here is a link:
    Motorola Moto G - Android Forums
  9. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter



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