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choosing an Android phone: Hero vs. Milestone/Droid

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by nerdygirl, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. nerdygirl

    nerdygirl New Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 24, 2010
    Hi all,

    I am looking at upgrading from a BB. If you'd rather not read my massive post, my basic question is whether it's better to go with an HTC Hero or a Motorola Milestone (non-VZW Droid) with Android 2.1 out of the box, if those are the only options. I'm leaning toward the Milestone but want to know whether it's reasonably stable without massive hacks - whether it's basically as stable as most of the Android phones if I'm okay with using 2.1 and not interested in rooting.

    I want good call quality, decent music playing capability for Mac mp3s, and voice guided turn-by-turn. I don't mind having to charge the phone in my car, though I would prefer to have one I can use without charging and have the battery last long enough to navigate a 3 hour trip.

    I'd also like the phone I pick to play music, and run navigation, and still allow calls to come through. I'd like to have the option of using it as a hotspot as well - my carrier has told me the Milestone technically has that capability but they don't advertise it. (I think that's pretty sweet, since so many folks with other carriers have complained about this function being locked down.) Not sure if having a Mac means I'll need something extra for tethering.

    I use Cellular South (crap coverage otherwise), and their only Android phones right now are HTC Hero and Moto Milestone. Cell South's technology isn't set up for me to choose a phone elsewhere and activate it with them. The Milestone they offer runs 2.1 out of the box, and I can't tell whether all the Froyo fuss is coming from advanced users who just want the latest hyped firmware.

    So far, I've seen some stability issues reported about the Milestone, but I couldn't tell whether those issues applied to the version of the Milestone I'm looking at (CDMA that comes with 2.1). (Milestone is, by all accounts, a Droid without the VZW label, though this point is a bit confusing/iffy.)

    I would want to sync music from my Macbook. I've heard the Milestone isn't set up well for this but I've also heard there are workarounds. I can't remember the story on this for the Hero (info overload).

    I've heard the Hero is overly complicated but I'm wondering if that applies to someone who is reasonably comfy with tech. I've also heard the Hero randomly calls people even when it's locked, and I've heard the touch screen is so sensitive it does stuff while you're on a call.

    I love the larger screen of the Milestone, and its overall design with the QWERTY keyboard, and I think that would be great using it for turn-by-turn navigation.

    Obviously, I've done some basic research but I want to make a good investment. I want a phone that will be as stable as you can expect tech to be, without too much hacker level tweaking. But I don't want the UI to get incredibly annoying either, which apparently has happened for some Hero users.

    If you had to choose between Hero and Milestone which would you pick?

    I would basically prefer the Milestone but don't want to get it if it will be crazy-unstable without massive and constant advanced tweaks. I'm not sure why I need to care about updating to Froyo either, if I'm not trying to hack my smartphone.

    All this research is making my brain a little mushy, so I thought perhaps the folks here could offer some guidance.

    Thanks! And triple thanks if you read my whole post :D


  2. mrholder

    mrholder Member

    Oct 19, 2010
    This is probably a bit late for a response, but we have a Milestone and a Desire with Cellular South. Both are good phones. The Milestone has excellent battery life because it runs a stock 2.1 and not the Sense UI like the Desire. The Sense UI on the Desire can be turned off however to improve the battery life. Either one of those phones are good in my opinion. You can plug in either phone to a Mac and mount it as an external drive to drag and drop itunes music. It plays AAC files (I think as long as they are DRM free - I haven't tried a protected AAC). I don't think they will play Movies purchased from itunes though. But I've played a movie on the Desire which was ripped with Handbrake.

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