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Choppy video Playback

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by frapo, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. frapo

    frapo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello everybody... I've noticed that since today, video playback on my Motorola Milestone has become almost impossible :thinking:

    The video starts ok, but all the sudden it gets REALLY choppy (like 3 FPS or so)
    Audio still runs at regular speed and no glitches there...

    This happens with any video, be it Youtube, or some video i shoot with the phone.

    Does someone here experienced something like that ?

    I turned it off, removed the battery, waited a couple of minutes and turned it back on... and problem persists... Also i've noticed that the time in the status bar, sometimes shows incorrect time... :thinking::thinking:

    Any advice ?


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  2. frapo

    frapo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok... seems the incorrect time somehow affects the video playback...

    I had it activated (to get the time from my provider) and i noticed that it started to show, sometimes the correct time, and a couple of minutes later, it showed (correct_time - 4hs)

    it was in that moment that video playback gets choppy... then, when the time was correct again, the video playback was fine again...

    I deactivated the automatic time configuration and configured it manually... i have not experienced any video playback issues so far...

    this sounds like a pretty awful bug...
  3. xenomorph

    xenomorph Lurker

    Thanks frapo for the finding!!
    I guess "provider" you're referring to is the mobile network provider. I guess there is something wrong in the network setting, or you can check if you've another phone and see the time will be change or not?
  4. frapo

    frapo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    unfortunatelly, all other phones in my house are using another provider (and they are all locked, so i cannot change the chip) so i cannot really test.

    And yes, as "provider" i men the cell network, in my "time and date" prefs i can read under "automatic" the following: "obtain date and time from network" (i'm translating it from spanish, so you might have some different text)

    I went to the network settings and noticed that "automatic" was selected for the network, so i manually setted my provider and i'm testing the automatic time and date again.... nevertheless, if because getting bad network information, you get choppy video playback... then i think it's some really ugly bug...

    i'll be back with news on how it went (for the past 10 minutes it's working fine)

    btw, did you experienced this ?
  5. xenomorph

    xenomorph Lurker

    Not yet notice as I'm in HK.
  6. frapo

    frapo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Nope, still happening... i have a friend with another Milestone and he's experiencing the same ugly bug... he found that if he checked the "use only 2G networks" option, the time doesn't change, but if this is unchecked, the time is randomly wrong, and he can confirm the video playback chopyness.

    ATM, the workaround to this is to have the time configured manually.
  7. abrick

    abrick Lurker

    HI, i have also noticed my phone is REALLY lagging during video playback of videos that i had recorded with the phone itself. It even gets to the point where the video completely stops!
    HELP i thought this phone was going to be awesome but it is a complete pain in the AS*!!!!!!
    and i tried the time thing, and it didnt do anything
  8. theParanoid04

    theParanoid04 Lurker

    I have a LG Optimus One with Froyo. I had playback issues with h264 playback in mp4 container. Choppy video! On reboot, everything seemed ok. I've noticed that if i play a file with Xvid/DivX codec in avi container most probably at Advanced Simple Profile (DVDrip's from torrents), the next time mp4 with h264 won't play and will have choppy playback.
    So either one must only go for mp4 (h264) videos and not for avi ones. Goodbye to DVDrips!
    Worked for me. I'd be happy if this solution can relate to you as well :)

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