Help Christmas Eve - Mobile Game (crowdfunding)



Hello, our command consists of two people, we very much want to promote appearance of interesting games, "Tap to Win", namely interesting games with a plot, riddles isn't simple, and also to capture a subject of Christmas holidays. Games with a Christmas subject aren't enough, and units, qualitative from them. In a game there will be several drawn stories which the player should collect, having solved different riddles. Circulation on the house, in attempt not to catch sight its inhabitant will become the main mechanics, for this purpose it is necessary for you in the correct order and in time to carry out certain actions (for example to wind watch, to break a vase and others) to distract them and to pass by unnoticed.

Generally a game is a genre "a puzzle a platformer".
All expenses will go for payment of the license of the developer in Google Play, some 3D models, and also registration of the name of a game.
The most important that everything shown in the video clip is already detail design, but not just video mounting.

Generally we collect the minimum which is necessary for project implementation, we very much want that our project was seen by others, but to let out him without having financial support we unfortunately can't.