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Christmas - New Year Escape Game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ttnescapegames, Dec 23, 2021.

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    TTN Fun Games released the festival point and click type room escape game for all the escape game addicts. Here we are filled with classical logical puzzles with lots of riddles. It is sure to put an extra happy holiday spring in your step. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year❄️!



    Christmas is coming!❄️ Get ready for one of the most popular holidays in Christianity – celebrate the birth of little Jesus! Christmas 2021 and New year 2022 ❄️ with Christmas Games Pack – a fabulous new puzzle adventure and one of the best escape games, "Christmas Escape Room", "Christmas puzzle games”, Christmas escape games with multiple levels. Hurry up and find objects in rooms – Find for Santa hats, snow globes, sleighs, reindeer, and holiday elves. Free new escape games are waiting for you! It's time to solve the holiday mystery, so enjoy playing mystery escape games!




    Prove yourself to best detective and solve this Christmas mysterious

    Santa Claus is coming to town! Play this brilliant Christmas Adventure game with charming levels of fun escape games, filled with lots of new challenges!

    Christmas countdown 2021 has already begun so get ready to make a merry Christmas wish! If you wished for escape It games for Christmas, you're at the right place! Download Christmas 2021, Escape puzzle adventure and look for Santa, Snowman, and Christmas gifts in incredible puzzles! Merry Christmas!

    Christmas Escape Room Game is a challenging free escape game for all ages people like kids and adults.

    Christmas celebration brings a happy and joyful experience on New Year 2022. Enjoy Christmas evening with amazing new escape game

    We are coming for the 50 levels of different escape puzzle games in one pack of the Christmas festival and celebrate Xmas new year 2022 so lets start to play this best escape game pack this Christmas.

    RELAX to background music filled with the free new Christmas spirit!

    Features :- Can You Escape - New Christmas Games

    ⭐ Amazing 50 Levels.
    ⭐ Great Christmas game with Santa Claus.
    ⭐ Totally new free game.
    ⭐ 100% Guaranteed fun
    ⭐ Challenging festive puzzles
    ⭐ Addictive & Smooth gameplay.
    ⭐ Amazing Music and Sound Effects!
    ⭐ Challenging Escape Missions!
    ⭐ Unique graphics designs
    ⭐ Daily Surprising gifts available

    So enjoy fun Christmas games and Share your experience and Feedback with us.

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