Christmas Shopping......for me! :-O


So I am out doing the Christmas shopping today for members of my family, and feeling pretty darn good about my choices, and the amount of money I am actually saving while getting presents that I think everyone will actually like and use.
I am rolling with the spirit of the holiday season, and the truly good feeling of giving to others when I go to pick up the last gift on my list. It is a lovely dainty cultured pearl ring with tiny white sapphires surrounding it, that my daughter spotted in one of those glossy colorful jewelry store ads that you find in your mailbox at this time of year. Now, at $75.00 I am pretty thrilled to pick this up for Santa to put under the tree Christmas morning. (Yes, at 24 years old she still believes in Santa 'cuz she was taught that when you stop believing, Santa no longer comes, and I didn't raise no fool!) Now while I am at this jewelry store, the sales lady cleans and checks my wedding rings to make sure the diamonds are all safely tucked into their settings which takes about 15 minutes, along with the ringing up of Santa's pearl ring choice. All I can say is yes, it worked like a charm, and I am apparently the biggest sucker for this ploy that ever lived! While I am waiting, and the sales lady is ringing me up, I am browsing the jewelry cases, and I spot an incredibly gorgeous square cut teal sapphire ring in a retro setting, surrounded by tiny glittering diamonds. It is actually teal!! Rare and lovely in every perfectly cut facet! I have never seen a teal sapphire and I want it......but THEN I spy an amazingly beautifully set pale green topaz that is also square cut, and gently surrounded by tiny sparkling diamonds as well, in an old fashioned heirloom setting.What to do??...I should probably just look the other way, take my purchases and leave the store without incurring further costs. NO, I decide that I am worthy of one of these lovely rings, IF they are of reasonable price, that is. So I ask the sales lady the price of these tempting gems, knowing that this will surely be the deciding factor, but NO,...they are BOTH affordable, so I ask the sales lady how much credit I have left on my card, and she informs me that I have a much larger amount of credit with their store than I had anticipated. Long story in a nutshell. I took them both, and I am NOT sorry!! There I said it! :)
For once in my life, Santa is bringing me EXACTLY what I want!!:p:D

I would be interested to know if anyone else here has decided it is okay to get yourself exactly what you want for Christmas this year. If so, what did you treat yourself to?


Go you!
I used to go pick stuff out and write the item number down along with the store name. That was the list I made, sort of like a registry. That way I would get what I wanted, not what my (separated from) husband thought I wanted. I never actually bought them for myself, although I wanted to! Even with exact instructions he would somehow end up getting the wrong thing. One year I wanted a cute little gold dolphin charm and gave him all the details, he thought it was too small and not a good gift so instead got me this huge, practically life-size dolphin pendant. Umm, no.

I really, really like what you've done and your rings sound lovely!! Enjoy them!


pain rustique
Christmas shopping is done for me. :)
I made jam and soap for everyone, no need to buy anything. Guess it's an early gift to me but I bought a Moto G (hey, that rhymed!).