Chrome Cut/Paste Shutdown


Whenever I attempt to cut and paste or copy something from the address bar in Chrome (most recent version), Chrome shuts down. This is on an SGIII. Anyone else experience this? Any fixes?


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Google Chrome is still not perfect and has many bugs, you should install another browser while waiting for the next Chrome versions where this kind of bugs will probably be removed. I use Dolphin browser which is way better (performance, design...):

In a recently published post on the company blog, Dolphin said that its Dolphin Browser, a popular mobile browser for mobile devices including Android smartphones and tablets, is the “highest performing HTML5” mobile browser out there.
The company compared its product with various other browsers, across a variety of platforms, including Opera, Chrome Beta, Firefox, Windows Phone 7.5, MeeGo, Android 4.0, BlackBerry OS 7, Bada 2.0, Nokia Belle FP1, webOS 2.2, and Android 2.3, and found it to be the better browser." - Source: