May 29, 2022
Could someone access a phone through means of first sending a spam email, text, phone call and cause one of those methods to gain access and moving forward to make an account you can't access bc you don't know it and them use remote access to do things on the phone such as listen to microphone and or use camera. is this possible I know it would be a lot of steps. For some reason there is a chrome extension I can't access but it's in my data, (wants me to use my pc, I don't have or ever used.) Is this possible. My phone will make weird noises sometimes when talking on it like there's a third party involved and my camera and microphone want to activate everytime I open an apps.
As far as I know, no spam type text or the like could do what you describe.

However, there ARE apps that could be used to do sort of the same thing.

This requires the app to be installed on your device as well as the other persons, and it takes time to set it all up- in other words, this person would need time alone with your device.