Aug 5, 2010

I have done something, but have been unable to return it back to having an option of choosing app

Basically I receive an email to do with geocaching and there is a link to a particular cache. If I click this it use to give me thr option of opening the link either in Chrome or on of the two Geocaching apps I have on my phone. For some reason it now only opens in Chrome. I have gone into the app permissions and I can get it so that one of the apps opens it but I can not get the box that pops up with all my options when the link is clicked.

Sorry I know I have done something stupid, just can't figure what
Hmm, sadly things do get moved around between different android versions and different manufacturers. If you have a fairly standard Android build it might be worth looking in "advanced" section for the app (Google like to hide stuff there). If you have something far from standard (Samsung, Xiaomi) then searching may be necessary.

I do have a Samsung running Android 12, and that has put this stuff in a very different place (how much of that is Samsung and how much Android 12 I don't know - I'd have to borrow my wife's Pixel 5 to answer that, since I updated this phone to 12 the moment I got it so have no idea what it looked like with 11). On my Samsung you go in to Settings > Apps > Choose default apps > Opening links, then scroll down to the app (Chrome in this case), click on that and finally you get the "clear defaults" button. There's text under the app name but that just identifies links specific to the app, so for a browser I'd expect that to say "none" even where defaults have been set. If there are no defaults set the button will be greyed-out.
Yea I know what you mean. It is my Samsung S20 Ultra that I am having problems with. My older phone is a Samsung S9+ and as you say everything is in a completely different place.

I have been playing with my issue for a few days now. Uninstalling the apps, reinstalling them, I can go into one of the apps and tell it to always open the link in the email, but that still doesn't bring up the box at the bottom which gives me the option to choose. I havebhunterd around chrome and also my chrome/Google account settings but have found nothing of much use. I really don't want to do a factory reset or reset chrome completely as I will loose all my Homepage links.
I am running different versions of Android, but the general gist of it is as follows:

Apps & notifications
See all
Overflow (3 dots upper right)
Show system
Overflow (again)
Reset app preferences

Then try this app, and make it your default browser.

This app will memorize what apps you select to open links and such.

Then it will do it automatically after you make the choice the first time.
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Yea, but I am after getting the options back, so I can make option each time, which is what it used to do. Basically the email will have a link to a geocache..if the geocache is archived then the app just comes up with archived and I can see very little info, so I use another caching app to view this type.

If the geocache is active then I use the official Geocaching app as this is the one si prefer to use.

As you say I must have clicked "always open" by mistake and I just want to revert back to "this time only" option.
No I have done that several times and it then opens the link in the browser only. I have uninstall the apps to and reinstalled which made no difference. To get it to open in the app I have to go into apps and go into either of the two apps and tell it open from email, but I then still don't get the options up instead it will only open in that particular app.