Chrome won't display properly on my Samsung Note 8 Tablet


Android Question

When I try to read my gmail on my Samsung Note 8 using Chrome, I get a split screen that lists the emails on the left side and the body of the selected email on the right. However, the right side does not show the entire e-mail and it cuts off the rest. I took it to the so-called Samsung experts at the Best Buy store where I bought it and they couldn't figure it out. They said it is a problem with either Chrome or gmail, but couldn't offer a solution. Any suggestions?


Thank you for the suggestion and sorry for the delayed reply; I've been on an extended business trip. Unfortunately, regardless of whether I have the box next to "request desktop site" checked or unchecked, it does not affect the display issue on my Samsung Note 8, when I am trying to view my G-mail in Chrome. I get a split screen listing the e-mails on the left half of the screen and the body of the selected e-mail on the right side. The problem is that the body of the e-mail is cut off and unreadable. Sadly, I've had this Samsung tablet for 6 months and no one seems to be able to diagnose this problem. I don't know if the problem is with Samsung, Google, Chrome or G-mail, but I'm starting to think my son was right; I guess I should have bought an iPad.