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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MrMatthew, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. MrMatthew

    MrMatthew Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Your not seeing anything out of the ordinary there, that's chrome with multiple tabs, and the other is chrome, Google app, Google settings, etc as cards...not tabs of chrome
  3. MrMatthew

    MrMatthew Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Dannydet for helping me out! Not sure I understand what you saying though. Maybe I'm just stupid even though I have a 2 year degree in computer technology but never took that route after graduating.

    I use to be able to make chrome look like a stack by changing s setting in flags but it no longer works. It does what every other browser does, which is make it look like fanned out cards. Can I get chrome to stack instead of fanning out like cards held in your hand?

  4. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    I don't believe so, I now know what your looking to do, and I think Google did away with the stack option awhile back.
    If there's a way to do it, it's beyond me...
  5. MrMatthew

    MrMatthew Member
    Thread Starter

    Update to Chrome, version 60.0.3112.107 I'm not able to enable the "stack" option, rather than the "card stack", in flags, for all my open windows! Yay!

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