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Chrono Trigger

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tmmosley1, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. tmmosley1

    tmmosley1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a Motorola Droid and I downloaded the SNES emulator and then downloaded Chrono Trigger and the ROM loads correctly. However, after the opening credits I'm taken to a screen that says Battle Mode and it has me choose between two options "ACTIVE" and "WAIT" however none of my buttons on the keypad or the screen seem to work...any suggestions on how I select one option over another so I can start playing.


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  2. Yukke

    Yukke Lurker

    Remap your keys. Hit the menu button, go to settings, scroll down and go into key settings.
  3. syadon

    syadon Lurker

    On crono trigger the area Terran dome and such..where there is sector 16... I go into both domes and all I see is clouds so I can't see nething in there....do I have a bad rom. ...ne1 else knw what to do...is there a better rom out there if mines broken?
  4. omfgwtflawl

    omfgwtflawl Well-Known Member

    It may be the rom, Mario RPG doesn't work on the emulators, but Earthbound does work however. Some roms are too large to work on portable emulators. I flashed my DS years ago and could not play Mario RPG on that either, but it would work on a normal emulator on my computer. In this case, size does in fact matter with what happens on a portable emulator.
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  5. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Android Enthusiast

    For the clouds/dome issue, you might want to try selecting "Enable Transparency" in the settings.
  6. Rota

    Rota Android Enthusiast

    Yes, you have to have transparency enabled.
  7. whitey522

    whitey522 Newbie

    Did you say earthbound DOES WORK!? WHOO! I don't have an android phone yet but that is one of the games that I will be able to play efficiently without a keyboard. (Planning on Droid Eris or Incredible) You just made my day by saying that Earthbound works on SNESOID.
  8. omfgwtflawl

    omfgwtflawl Well-Known Member

    Haha I loveeeee Earthbound! It was the first game I loaded onto my phone :)
  9. Polymira

    Polymira Member

    The reason that Mario RPG doesn't work isn't because it's too big, it's because the game cartridges had it's own internal CPU (not the Super FX chip) to allow for the fun 3d elements and the like.

    The emulators have to specifically support this, and a lot of emulators that are not a straight port of ZSNES and snes9x don't support the game.
  10. SNESator does... There is an option to enable Mario rpg, dk and Star Fox type games...
  11. afrost55

    afrost55 Newbie

    Cellardoor is correct, from the appbrain description...

  12. almasbaby

    almasbaby Newbie

    So you mean even the SuperFX games work (like Dirt Trax)? That's awesome.

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