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Classic sms mode

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by exit(-1), Dec 25, 2009.

  1. exit(-1)

    exit(-1) Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm using Android 1.6 with its standard sms software.

    Unfortunately everytime I send or receive a sms, the message is put into a conversation.

    How can I disable this conversation mode and enable the classic sms mode?

  2. stearic

    stearic Well-Known Member

    why would you want it to go to classic mode? That's the whole point of a smartphone, to have such nice things as sms setup like a IM conversation
  3. exit(-1)

    exit(-1) Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I think the point of a smartphone is to have many opportunities, unlike with a usual cell phone where you can only set some standard settings and that's it.
    On a smartphone I can install many helpful apps, I have many settings...

    One of these opportunities should be to switch sms mode to classic mode...

    Another reason: I don't like this conversation mode. When I want to use an IM chat, I run an IM application.
    But I find it annoying when all my sms from and to one person are combined in an IM-like conversation field.

    This is why I want to turn this off.
  4. freqhuntr

    freqhuntr Lurker

    Has anyone come up with an answer this question. I too hate conversation mode and would like to turn it off. I wish I could turn it off in gmail also.
  5. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    There is no answer or solution to this problem unfortunately. At least until someone decides to code an app like that.
  6. awiserbud

    awiserbud Newbie

    I have to agree i find this conversation mode really annoying, esspecially when you have multiple texts from different people, it means texts often get missed because they are not displayed in "recieved" style, ie: the most recent recieved texts first.
    if this was the case, as with every other phone i have had, including smart phones (xperia X1) you could easily scroll through all your recent recieved texts instead of having to search for them by contact name.
    I cant believe no-one has developed an app to deal with this?
  7. thepinkc

    thepinkc Well-Known Member

    When I get multiple texts from different people, it shows in bold each conversation with new texts from newest to oldest. Then I can click on a conversation and read the new messages. This is how it worked in 1.5 and 2.1. I'm not rooted.

    I am not aware of a way to unthread conversations, yet, but I am sure if you post a request for a developer to make one, someone will figure it out.

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