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Clean Flash

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Turnkeys, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I'm hopeing someone might have some advice flashing a new rom to the SGS2 (epic touch). I watched several of QBKing77's videos when rooting and flashing odin and they were immensely helpful.

    I have 2 of these handsets. Since rooting and flashing EL29, I started seeing issues. (that I think stem from apps I tried and later uninstalled.) After trying Delayed Lock and uninstalling it, I saw inconsistent behavior with my screen lock not engaging reliably. I also get random reboots, usually when the battery reaches 30% (I've heard this described as a "kernal panic"), or when my signal strength (3G) is very low. I can't link this behavior with any single app I've installed.

    So, simple answer, re-flash! Except I did that. Again, using QBKing77's excellent videos as a guide, I flashed ICS FF18 for the Epic Touch. After a nandroid backup, and separate backup of apps via Titanium, I tried the non-destructive package. This was unsuccessful enough that (if I recall correctly) I ended up unrooting, flashing stock EL29, then re-rooting and flashing FF18.

    All kinds of ICS goodness. Except I still have unreliable lock screens and random reboots.

    On my girlfriend's handset, running a rooted EL29, she has neither of these issues.

    I'm considering a custom rom, perhaps CM9. I like the reviews and don't like Sprint's bloat. Does anyone know what step(s) I might be missing? Something is obviously surviving the flash(s) to persist this odd behavior. (and we both really hate the reboot-jingle now.)

    Thanks much,


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