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Clean theory vs shiftiness?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Guesst, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Guesst

    Guesst Member
    Thread Starter

    So is shiftiness a more up to date version of clean theory? Since it's his last one and all... Also is there anyway of keeping my data and apps while flashing to shiftiness? If it's covered somewhere I apologize, still semi new to all this... Thanks

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  2. Guesst

    Guesst Member
    Thread Starter

    Nm on the data, just used titanium, but as far as most up to date, is the shiftness the newest sense based?
  3. xeno2011

    xeno2011 Well-Known Member

  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    yes,cleanth3ory became shifts3ns3. you can prolly wipe cache and dalvik cache,and format /system and just flash the final shifts3ns3 overtop without a data wipe in order to preserve your setup. just be prepaired to do a full wipe if you do have any issues. making a nandroid before applying an "update" is never a bad idea ;)
  5. Guesst

    Guesst Member
    Thread Starter

    Just tried blackaosp and shiftsense , I think I'm more of a sense person... Both looked pretty good though for their purposes. I do however miss how the screen turns on and off like a tv in cleantheory... Anyway of getting that back? Or is it all just built in.
  6. superstretch

    superstretch Well-Known Member

    You can install an old build.. You might want to post on xda and ask that question there.. I'm not sure how much cross-site posting/reading is done regarding that ROM (I run it by the way and liked that lock/unlock feature too)
  7. Mike17nl

    Mike17nl Lurker

    I'd be grateful if someone could explain to me what 'Clean Theory' is, and how, if at all, it relates to benchmarking.

    Many thanks,

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