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CleanROM Developer Edition - Perfomance and Style!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by scrosler, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. scrosler

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    A ROM designed for performance with a touch of class!​

    You MUST read posts #2 and #3 before flashing! There is important info in those threads!

    This is a ROM that is CleanROM based and has a similar feature set but includes some special features that I choose to run on my personal phone such as custom overclocked kernel and a light theme.

    • OS: Gingerbread 2.3.4 Deodexed
    • Kernel: Bcblend v.03 with capacitive light dimming and always on notification led recompiled by mWalt2!
    • Clock Speed: 1.62 GHZ with options to go to 1.2GHZ (Factory default) or insane speeds of 1.78GHZ! Warning: Not all devices will run 1.78GHZ so use with caution! SOURCE
    • Governer: Ondemand via Virtuous Daemon. Do not use SetCPU!
    • Theme: Custom Dev Edition Theme. Transparent Non-Paginated Rosie, Transparent Pulldown, Sprint Lover Icons with Version N Battery, and Custom Font
    • ROM Updater: Included and compatible with all CleanROM Mods
    • Apps: ES File Explorer, DSP Manager, Fast Reboot
    • Tethering: WiFi Tether 3.0-B4 for 3G / 4G Tether, Sprint Hotspot with 3G wireless and wired tether.
    • Tweaks: Panoramic Camera, HTC Music with Beats Audio, Many Performance Tweaks.



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