Help Clicking in textboxes selects words


When I try to click at the beginning, end, and sometimes the middle of a word to write before or after it (or erase a letter in the middle) it always selects the whole word and I end up just erasing the word and rewriting it. This is extremely annoying. Is this a setting I can disable? What's going on?

I'm using dinc2 with Verizon's branded Android 2.3.4 and the newest version of Swype beta. I'm not sure what to blame this annoying "feature" on but I'm getting really sick of it.

Can anyone help?


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Long press on the text and a zoomed in box will appear with an upside down teardrop shape underneath, keep your finger pressed down and you will be able to move the cursor and get inbetween the letters.
Or try going into Swype settings and unchecking the word suggestion.
Long press the Swype logo key preferences> word suggestion> auto correction uncheck that box.

Hope that helps.


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The teardrop thingy can be moved without long pressing if you are fast enough. Long pressing allows you to change your selection.

Swype rules!


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I'm still not sure where it's doing this. I was aware of the long pressing but I feel that if I can smack my finger where I need it to be then it should just leave me be. It may even only be in the browser I'm not 100% sure. Thanks for the help guys.

Also, I'm not big on swype but everything else sucks even more than Swype so for now I'm stuck with it. It's better on a faster phone. Used to have an Eris and, wow, it was so awful and slow and glitchy.