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I know this has been discussed before but can anyone help me find out if my droid is messed up...

Whenever i push on the left side of the screen it presses down on the keyboard and clicks. It seems like the screen is supported on the right hand side between the keyboard and the screen but not supported at all on the left hand side. it is annoying cuz whenever i put my phone to my ear it clicks (it takes very little pressure to push it down)

I have seen a video someone posted of this on the forum and it is very similar but could not find it :(

Should i take the phone into verizon


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I guess I was jst kinda asking if other people have this issue and if I should just live with it or not....


Yea, didn't mean to sound like a prick...but if your buddies isn't doing it then no way would I just live with it. Mine doesn't do it...if it did then it would be back at the store the same day :)