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Hi, this is my firt post here, so I want to thanks for this amazing community.
I'm going to make an application for meteor viewers and the goal is, to send soma data from android device to PC through the wifi without router. So on PC will be made a Hotspot and one or more devices can connect to it. Is there any application and/or server on PC or both to make this communication? Or what's the way how to do that? What's protocol of communication? How to find what I need?
Thanks in advance :)


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Easiest way is to just use the ServerSocket class in a Java application on the PC and in the Android client app, use the Socket class.

You'll need to create a java application on your PC that listens for connection requests in order for this to work. You can use another programming language, but the implementation will be slightly different.


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thanks, but i'm not good coder, doesn't exists some less programming solution? Isn't exists some done app for comunication between smartphone and PC through wifi, which in Android listens to another app, send the data through wifi to server on PC and that server send the data to new app on PC? Or I'm imaginig that too simply?