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"Client/Server conversion error" ruining my Desire experience

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jonrosenfeld, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. jonrosenfeld

    jonrosenfeld Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've had a Desire for two weeks now. I was in love with the phone... until this problem came up.

    I use Outlook and Microsoft Exchange -- and had read all about how Android synced easily. And it did at first. Then, 10 days ago, the calendar stopped syncing. I got a "Client/Server conversion error," and no sync. The problem only effected my calendar -- mail and contacts were synced just fine. After reading a few forums, I did a "Remove account," re-installed the account. It worked fine again. No big deal.

    Then it happened again today. I did the Remove/re-install thing again, and again it was cured. Until six hours later.

    Is anyone else having this problem with their calendar/exchange sync? Any solution guesses?

    Help! Without being able to sync my phone to Outlook, the Desire I love so much is somewhere between frustrating and infuriating.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. jonrosenfeld

    jonrosenfeld Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is Jon with a quick reply to his own post:

    To anyone trying to help me:

    1) Thank you!
    2) I just did some fiddling and noticed that calendar appointments (and deletions) DO go from my phone to Outlook. The DO NOT go from Outlook to the phone. I tried it with "Resolve Conflict" set on both "Keep items on Phone" and "Replace items on Phone." Same weird effect both ways.

    Does that help you help me?

  3. LawDuck

    LawDuck Lurker

    This just started to happen to me a few days ago (around June 5th). Just calendar. Seems to happen whenever I edit the calendar on the phone.

    There do not appear to be any recent updates to Exchange Server 2003, and nothing has changed on my phone. Although I may start deleting apps from my phone (most recent first) and see one of those is causing a problem?

    Sadly, in all of my online searching, nobody has ever posted a solution to this problem that has existed for at least nine months (although most of those older posts involved the contacts, not the calendar).

    I can't believe nobody has a solution (uninstall/reinstall is not a solution, it's a temporary workaround that fails the first time you try to edit your calendar).
  4. jonrosenfeld

    jonrosenfeld Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Mine doesn't relapse into error every time I edit. It happens for no reason I can discern every week or so.

    Not that this information helps either of us, but I thought you ought to know.

  5. planius

    planius Lurker

    I have exactly the same problem. Only started when I started editing appointments on the Desire. Is this an HTC or Android issue?
  6. LawDuck

    LawDuck Lurker

    One thing it's not is an Exchange or Activesync issue. (At least not yet). I can edit appointments without any issue on my iPod touch. I have tried using Touchdown on a trial basis, but have had hit-and-miss success with editing appointments. Some worked, some didn't (but the failure may be attributable to user error - I was still learning the software and might not have hit the right think to finalize the change).

    Question: How "full" are your phones? Pretty much anytime I install something new, I get a "running out of space" warning, and end up deleting stuff. I wonder if the calendar sync shares space with the application storage, or something. (I dunno, just throwing stuff out there).
  7. jonrosenfeld

    jonrosenfeld Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My phone's not that full yet.
  8. khanusma

    khanusma Newbie

    It just started happening to me a couple days ago..... ugh. Can't figure out resolution.
  9. No15

    No15 Lurker

    I have the same problem since a couple of weeks. The first months I had my phone everything worked out fine until the problem with synchronixing the Calender appeared. :thinking:
  10. LawDuck

    LawDuck Lurker

    Question: Do any of you have the SSL option checked in your account settings?
  11. chrisrlewis

    chrisrlewis Lurker

    I have the same problem. I did the remove account trick which cured the problem for a few days then the problem reappeared. I repeated the process but this time the problem stayed. I've noticed that certain calendar entries that were part of repeating entries reappeared in the calendar even though an individual entry had been removed from Exchange calendar and didn't appear in outlook when I checked e.g. Meeting every 2 week for next 3 months but one entry had been removed because that meeting had been cancelled/rescheduled.

    I also remember a few weeks ago a firmware update come through for my HTC Disire and I think this issue has only occurred since then. My firmware version is 2.1-update1, build number release-keys, kernel version 2.6.29-b7e82785

    Any feedback or advice would be appreciated. Its a real pain when you can't trust your calendar.

    STOP PRESS. Deleted the calendar entry where I had removed one entry from a series and bingo problem fixed.

  12. Brenny

    Brenny Lurker

    I had the same problem. This is what solved it for me:

    I deleted the Exchange Activesync account. Because there was still data in my calendar after that action, I cleared the data in Calendar and Calendar storage (Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Manage applications). Added the Exchange Activesync account again and voila, problem solved!
  13. pluppfisk

    pluppfisk Lurker

    Thank you thank you thank you! this solved it for me.

    I got the client/server conversion error on HTC Desire, android2.2, hosted exchange server. Been searching high and low on forums all day and this did the trick. :D
  14. Brenny

    Brenny Lurker

    Cool, that's great! :)
  15. martinxl

    martinxl Lurker

    Yes, this is it. When Deleting the exchange Activesync, it warns you that the data will be deleted, but it isn't deleted. Finally, after manually clearing the data as you state, that solved the sync error.
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  16. nthdgreee

    nthdgreee Newbie

    I started receiving the "Client/Server Conversion" error after I tried to update a calendar item on my stock Evo with Froyo when my Auto-sync was turned off (Menu/Settings/Accounts and sync/Auto-sync). Sometimes I turn this off at night to save battery. Immediately after making the edit the phone told me that I had no connection to my Exchange account. I went in and turned the Auto-sync back on. From there my contacts and email hooked up, but my calendar events didn't and I received the "Client/Server Conversion" error. I erased the edited event on the phone but that still didn't work. I then erased the event on my PC when I got to work. As soon as I did that my phone happily synced up again.

    On my old win mobile device I could make all the adjustments I wanted while not actually online with Exchange, but as soon as I activated the connection it would process all the edits automatically. Perhaps that's the way it's supposed to work here as well but in my case it didn't. Maybe it's a bug.
  17. arjaffer

    arjaffer Lurker

    Thanks, it did the trick for me as well
  18. I tried the fix of deleting my exchange account, and then adding it back in. Not only did it not fix the issue (ok, so I don't have the SAME error message), but now, my calendar still won't sync properly, and now I have missing contacts and email!!!! You can imagine my level of pissed off right now!
  19. ...oh...also, I have double every appointment in my calendar!!!
  20. After deleting my exchange and adding it again...on top of the issues in my previous posts, the client/server conversion error came back by the end of the day.
  21. alexane

    alexane Lurker

    You are totally my hero right now, Brenny!

    I had this problem and repeatedly tried to solve it by deleing/readding the Exchange account. Grrr.

    I had correlated this error with yesterday's Android upgrade. But reading through this thread I realized I had also deleted a single instance of a recurring event, so perhaps that was the problem.

    Anyway, deleting the Calendar data was the way to go. Score.

    Thanks, homie!!

  22. alexane

    alexane Lurker

    Brenny is my hero.
  23. Brenny

    Brenny Lurker

    Glad to be of help! :)
  24. chickenmonkey

    chickenmonkey Lurker

    I had this problem crop up today after removing and re-adding my exchange account to my phone. This worked for me too. thanks! :)
  25. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Android Enthusiast

    WOW, searching does work! This fixed it for me too. Thanks to Brenny!

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