Android fan#1

Nov 20, 2010
New york city
Mack The general manager of Motorola annouced today at 10:32AM that the Motorola Cliq XT won't get 2.1 Mack said "The Cliq XT couldnt reach to its performence level" which met that the software wasnt ready for 2.1.I will annouce the Link after this but on a side note...

I am so happy that i left Motorola and went on to HTC Because atleast they know how to release Updates and take care of there customers so yeah.
Yup, Android fan #1... .you called this one along with a few others.

Motorola really just _flat out LIED_ to their customers. There is no way to deny it. It's a simple _FACT_.

Proud user of an HTC (t-mobile) G2... a non-Motorola phone. Also a proud never again Motorola user.

Motorola's slogan for the Cliq 2 should be, "It's the upgrade we promised Cliq XT customers!".
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