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Clock shows wrong city in wrong time zone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rasa, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. rasa

    rasa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Frustrating! I have GPS on on my phone. When I'm home/at work, my clock widget seems to show the correct city (well, close enough--it's the next town over), but the time is off by an hour. I'm fairly certain that this is because the Clock thinks that I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska rather than Lincoln, Rhode Island. That'd explain why it's an hour off. I've gone into Clock, then in World Clock gone to Add City and searched for Lincoln, and only the one in Nebraska shows up, so to me this sort of confirms what I think is wrong.

    I have the Date/Time set to Automatic so it picks it up from the network. The date and time on the lock screen and on the taskbar are both correct. So I don't really *need* the clock widget, but I like the flippy clock with the weather built in!

    This seems to be either Sprint or Hero specific, as I have 2 friends with HTC phones (not sure what networks they're on) that get the right time when they're in Lincoln. I'm pretty sure this only started happening around Dec. 21st or so. I think GPS used to correctly pinpoint my location, but around then it started showing the next town over rather than the one I was actually in.

    Any ideas on where to start?

  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    It's a known bug with the HTC clock. Hopefully they will fix it in the next release.
  3. rasa

    rasa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Boo! Well, thanks for the speedy reply.
  4. Lopers27

    Lopers27 Lurker

    I have the same problem, but ironically my "home" is lincoln, nebraska. When I went west to Lexington for business my clock was one hour ahead. I think the same thing was happening, that is was using Lexington Kentucky rather than Nebraska...

    All in all, weird, but as you said, clock on lock screen and up top was correct...
  5. qu4rk

    qu4rk Lurker

    Same problem here. For me, it is intermittent. Is there anyway to drop the flip clock & just have the weather?

  6. n0gik

    n0gik Member

    Yeah. Just drag the flip clock widget to the trash bin and add any weather only widget. Should be one in your phone already and there are plenty in the market to choose from. :)

  7. April_Fool_79

    April_Fool_79 Well-Known Member

    Mine does the same thing. I'm in Concord, NC, but it thinks I'm in Concord, CA. That's a 3 hour difference!! :eek: So I just have it set for Charlotte, NC. Close enough for government work. :)

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    hey I'm in Concord, CA and my phone says Concord, CA!

    I haven't had any issues with the htc clock at all..
  9. jeffpope0

    jeffpope0 Lurker

    my htc hero clock is showing time for elk grove ca, I live in elk grove IL. so my clock is 2 hours behind.sprnt says they have no idea why its doing this. I guess this happened back in october also
  10. NINER

    NINER Lurker

    Same problem here. I live in Peoria AZ & work in Phoenix AZ. When I'm at home, the clock widget shows "Peoria" & 1 hour ahead. The taskbar still shows the correct time. I'm guessing it thinks it's in Peoria IL, since it does not list Peoria AZ in the list of cities. When I go to work, it changes to Phoenix & corrects the time back.

    We do not observe DST in AZ, so I hope that's not going to be an issue. My previous phone was the HTC Touch Diamond, & it had a HUGE problem with that, despite having a specific setting for "AZ."
  11. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    How about this one...

    I live in a small city outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. A month ago, it read the correct city and time and all that. Then, all the sudden, it quit reading my city and read Ft. Worth. It's not that big of a deal but sometimes the temp is a little different. Anyone know why this happened or how to fix it??
  12. scottmbolt

    scottmbolt Android Enthusiast

    QUESTION: What app will give me a flip-style clock WITHOUT the weather? I use The Weather Channel App if I need weather, and I don't need it to tell me currently what it is, because I can just stick my head out the car window to find that out. But I LOVE the flip clock look. Heeeeelp!?
  13. mustang5o

    mustang5o Member

    How do you get the clock to stay on the city you set it to? I also live in Nebraska (Omaha) but I live close to Bellevue, NE and when it reads that it things Bellevue, WA. Why the heck are they searching by city name? That seems to be a stupid way of pulling the clock weather info. They should be pulling the location and zip code. Then do a city lookup so it looks nice.

    I'm also having the problem of things in my calendar switching times with the time change. I thought they fixed that a while back. Guess I need to search for that now.
  14. Droid_Darken

    Droid_Darken Lurker

    Good question can you keep the HTC clock from polling your 'current' location. Not only is this feature incredibly inaacurate..(I have yet to have it list the city I am actually in) but I"m tired of the three hour time difference because it thinks I"m in Lancaster, CA instead of PA....sigh
  15. nedar

    nedar Newbie

    I was having the same issue where the flippy clock with the weather built in was not updating or was not accurate. I FIXED this issue by going to

    SETTINGS-->Location and check the box for "Use wireless networks" option.

    This fixed my issue. Hope this will solve your issue as well.
  16. Sorce

    Sorce Newbie

    I managed to fix it by removing all entries for times and all entries for weather locations. Then turned off the GPS and Cell tower location things, turned off the cell network connection then turned them all back on.
  17. bray424

    bray424 Member

    Also if anyone is running Fresh 1.1, widgets displaying an incorrect location is a known issue.
  18. JMac202

    JMac202 Android Enthusiast

    I lived in Haysville Ks and mine gave me Riverside, CA. No idea why. It always bugged me but I moved to Wichita (which is a mile away from Haysville and I get the right city and time now) Hasnt given me the incorrect city or time yet. Knock on wood.
  19. cij1916

    cij1916 Well-Known Member

    I use retro clock
  20. balannar

    balannar Lurker

    yes, this is a known issue and i have run into it countless times, htc SHOULD get their asses in gear and update their existing software instead of focusing on rushing out half-assed phones like their windows phone 7 phones(IE HD7 and surround) but that is neither here nor there... the solution to many headaches with this cursed widget is this......

    remove widget from home screen then tap menu > settings > applications > manage applications > All(or menu > all, depending on OS on phone) scroll to Clock by HTC (***NOT Clock Widget***) and tap on it, from there, clear data and ensure it reads as 0KB of information (if not then power cycle phone and repeat steps until it does then return to home screen > hit + button > tap Widget > scroll down and select clock by HTC (***NOT analog clock***) > scroll to the right twice to get the right clock with the weather > select it > tap Add City > put in your city or larger city nearest you that would get the same weather as you > select that city > leave the full screen animation on cause lets face it, its pretty damn cool > enjoy your updated widget with YOUR weather being read properly(this may take a few moments or a power cycle of the phone to get it to read but this has worked for me personally and for others I've helped many times over...:D

    everyone please enjoy this little golden nugget of information and remember..... Google contacts sync to GOOGLE and Phone contacts sync to your outlook on your PC, they will not cross-sync without unsupported third party software so don't try:mad:, HTC apparently hates Macs so don't look for any help there or with linux because no one seems to like them at all.:p
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  21. brad614

    brad614 Lurker

    Mine's even worse!! My Sprint Evo keeps putting me in South Africa - either Harare or Lydenburg! I live in Palm Harbor, FL!! WTF??
  22. evoornottoevo

    evoornottoevo Lurker

    I have been having this problem since December. Talked with Sprint tech support back in January, they hard reset my phone which meant I had to reinstall everything. Well it started again today. Had me globe trotting in Tiana. Called tech support they could not help, but suggested I go to a sprint repair center. I went and spoke with a tech. His response, yes MOST people in the US are having this issue. It should be fixed on the next release, and I JUST NEED TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!.. Based on the age of this thread I do not think that either Sprint or HTC are working the issue, some people have had it going back a year. Why would sprint continue to sell defective phones? I told the tech I want my money back, I purchased it in November. His reply "You want a refund just because your clock does not work?" Sprint does not see this as important.
  23. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ Android Expert

    WOW! Now that is a very bad example of customer service. I would call Sprint, and ask for "the cancellation dept" also know and "account services" or "Retentions". That comment alone shoud get you some account credit, but that doesn't fix the problem.

    Try toggling off, and then back on, all of the location settings. (Menu/settings/location)

    Then, remove the clock widget, and re-add it.
  24. mmroman

    mmroman Lurker

    Like others out there, my Evo has been randomly putting me in Nairobi, or Abju Parish, or any number of other African cities ever since I did a system update back in December. The city, weather, time AND the system time up in the right corner of the phone are all incorrect. I checked the Date/Time setting and it was set to automatic but had me in East Africa repeatedly. I turned it to manual and rest it to Eastern time (I live in Washington, DC) and it not only reverts the weather and flip clock back to the African cities, it also puts the clock in the upper corner back AND changes my time zone back to East Africa on its own!

    We have removed the widget from the home screen, readded it. Updated the PRL, reset the phone, everything. Resetting the phone helped until I got the same system update and installed it!

    Sprint has been useless obviously.
  25. ak2011

    ak2011 Lurker

    Well, I've been placed in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Rampura to name a few. I do not think it is the HTC Widget that's messed up, its Sprint's networks or Android itself. The tower should convey the right city from what I believe and that's what the problem is. I cannot rely on my phone's alarm to wake me up correctly since it somehow puts me half way across the world every morning.


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