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So i have rooted my phone successfully, and am now trying to make a backup using clockworkmod. Downloaded the app from the market place, and that confirms that everything is done correctly and i have the newest version.

BUT when i try and backup the phone restarts, but then goes to a logo with a warning sign and a little android robot logo thing, everytime i do this. It then freezes at this and i have to take the battery out to sort it.

Any advice would be great as i really want a backup before i mess with putting new roms on it.


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What app from the market? Not Rom manager please?

If you rooted using unrevoked, you already have clockwork. You just have to boot into it manually

Please read rooting faq linked in my Sig


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Sorry, what app have you downloaded? If it is ROM Manager, save some time and delete it now.

If you rooted using Unrevoked then that will have installed clockworkmod recovery already. Look in the rooting FAQ (linked from sticky posts, SUroot's sig), but basically try the following:

  • boot the phone up while pressing the "volume down" key
  • when you see a while screen with little skateboarding androids at the bottom, use the volume keys to select "recovery" then press power to select.
You will now be in clockworkmod recovery (and can use the trackball again - the power button will now revert to its normal job of turning the screen off!). From here, select backup/restore, then backup.

If your phone enters a boot loop after this (sometimes happens), just go back into recovery and restore from the backup you just made. Only happens once, and that will fix it.

You can do all your backups, restores, flashes etc from the custom recovery that was installed when you rooted the phone - nothing else needed.

I'm assuming you used unrevoked - if not, please tell us how you rooted?

Got to stop doing this cross-posting! Maybe I'll go over to XDA for a minute (or do that work I'm supposed to be doing...).


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Well we were singing from the same hymn sheet with the first line of our replies :)

Wrighty, if you are wondering why that was, altogether too many of the problem threads here begin with "I used ROM Manager to ....". It does nothing you can't do other ways, and causes problems and confusions far too often.


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yeah the app was rom manager and i know i have clockwork mod installed... will try accessing it from boot menu instead this time.

Thanks for the advice