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Clockwork/Amon RA PC36IMG Files

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by akazabam, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    02/09/2011 Update - Two updates - Amon RA 2.3 released:

    First thing - Amon RA 2.3 was released this afternoon. I have uploaded the PC36IMG.zip to the mediafire folder. This one I got directly from the RA thread, courtesy of Tiffany84 at XDA. These guys are too fast for me :). Here is the change log:

    As of 4:30 PST, I don't see this in ROM manager yet, so if you want this, this is the place to get it, for now.

    Second thing - I have uploaded a flashable zip for flash_image. flash_image is a command line tool used from the terminal emulator (or a remote terminal as the case may be) to flash images to various partitions. If you want to flash any of the provided images here, but want to save time, Follow these steps to do so:

    1) Verify you don't already have flash_image (open terminal and type "which flash_image". If it just says not found, you need to flash it. If it gives you a location (most likely /system/bin/flash_image) your ROM already has this, and you can skip to step 4.
    2) Flash flash_image-signed.zip from recovery.
    3) Reboot normally when done.
    4) Extract recovery.img from the PC36IMG.zip for the recovery you want
    5) Copy recovery.img to the root of your sdcard
    6) From the terminal type:

    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

    Once you reboot into recovery, you'll have whatever recovery you just flashed. Note that steps one and two only have to be done once.

    01/18/2011 Update - Stock Recovery Images:

    I chose to upload the stock recovery images for OTA versions 3.26.651 - 3.70.651.1. These were pulled directly from PC36IMG.zip files created from RUUs. I don't know if they are different from each other, but the file sizes and time stamps are all different, so I uploaded them separately. Should you choose to flash any of them, I recommend you stick with whatever version corresponds with your current hboot version (e.g. hboot version 0.97 - use 3.28.651.5 recovery).

    End Updates

    It seems that various versions of Clockwork and RA recovery images are floating around here and xda in img and PC36IMG.zip formats, but I couldn't find much of a central repository for various versions in PC36IMG format. Granted it's easy enough to flash through ROM manager, but it's helpful to have PC36IMG files for a number of reasons. Examples:

    1) ROM manager doesn't work all the time. Granted it can usually be fixed, but some people choose to avoid it all together.
    2) Your current ROM isn't bootable, and you need to switch recovery type/version or your recovery is broken.

    I'm sure there are other valid reasons. That being said, I've uploaded the most commonly used versions of both Clockwork and RA here:

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Currently the list includes:

    Amon RA 1.8.0
    Amon RA 2.1.1
    Amon RA 2.2.1
    Amon RA 2.3 (Added 02/09/2011)
    Stock Recovery 3.26.651.6 (Added 01/18/2011)
    Stock Recovery 3.29.651.5 (Added 01/18/2011)
    Stock Recovery 3.30.651.3 (Added 01/18/2011)
    Stock Recovery 3.70.651.1 (Added 01/18/2011)

    Note that I only packaged some of these myself. I had a few of them on my computer from xda. If I could remember where I got them all from, I would be happy to credit those responsible. I will upload new versions as they are released. If anyone wants a version I have not uploaded, please let me know, and I'll include it. For those who don't know how to flash these, do the following:

    1) Download the appropriate PC36IMG.zip for whichever recovery image you want.
    2) Rename the file to PC36IMG.zip, exactly, being careful to not rename it to PC36IMG.zip.zip or accidentally unzip the file.
    3) Copy the file to the root of your sdcard (That mean the top level, not in any folders).
    4) Boot into hboot by turning the phone off, then turning it back on while pressing and holding the volume down button.
    5) Flash the file when prompted.
    6) When done, rename or remove the PC36IMG.zip file, or it will prompt you to flash it again every time you boot back into hboot.

    If anyone finds that any of these recovery images are not working, please let me know, and I'll fix it.

    For more information about the recoveries themselves along with image sources, see the following links:

    Official site: http://www.koushikdutta.com/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/clockworkmod
    Images: http://koush.tandtgaming.com/recoveries/ (if using this, use the ones labeled "supersonic", only)

    Amon RA:
    Official XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=705026
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Amon_RA
    Images: http://files.androidspin.com/downloads.php?dir=amon_ra/RECOVERY/ (again, if using this, only use the ones labeled "supersonic")

    Thanks to Mr. Ed for providing a couple of the above links.

    There are some legitimate uses for stock recovery images, but they can also be used to do things that may be detrimental. I highly recommend you do *not* attempt to accept an OTA while rooted. Flashing one of these stock recovery images will give you the ability to if you rooted with unrevoked. DO NOT DO THAT. You could easily end up in a weird state. If you choose to ignore this warning, I take no responsibility for you breaking your phone. That being said, should you choose to use these for something such as a partial unroot, remember to be smart about what all you restore first.



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    Post #5 by surfologist87, Jan 17, 2011 (1 points)
  3. eluno

    eluno Well-Known Member

    which one of these will also backup my wimax keys?
  4. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    All RA versions and Clockwork and up will backup your wimax keys. Note that with RA 2.2.1, you must select wimax when prompted what to backup if you want it included.
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  5. eluno

    eluno Well-Known Member

  6. surfologist87

    surfologist87 Android Expert

    Thanks for this!
    Maybe we can add a link to here from the Rooting for Dummies Matlock?
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  7. Matlock

    Matlock Android Enthusiast

    You took the words right off of my fingers. lol

    ......... And.... Done. ;)

    About to start work on a new section for ClockworkMod and Amon_RA Recoveries. A how-to for Recoveries.
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  8. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Let me know if you need any help with that, Matlock. It sounds like a great idea.

    I've also considered uploading the stock recovery image in a PC36IMG.zip, as well. I'm not sure how good of an idea it would be, though (I can think of both good and bad reasons to flash it back at times).
  9. Matlock

    Matlock Android Enthusiast

    You were my first thought, after my initial thought, of who to think of, about putting our thoughts together.. for the Recovery Section. lol

    I say go for it and add the Stock Recovery.
    Go ahead and make a Note for Why and Why Not to use it. Might as well make it available. As long as the users know what to use it for, should have no worries. Unless they are just plain idiots and can't read or comprehend. :p

    Knowledge is Power!!!! (School House Rock)
  10. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Lol, yes, I'll just throw up a giant disclaimer. I'll upload them tomorrow. What kind of information do you want in your recovery section? Feel free to PM me if I can help in any way.
  11. Matlock

    Matlock Android Enthusiast

  12. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  13. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Updated the OP with the stock recovery images. Read the warning before using them for anything.
  14. Haven1657

    Haven1657 Newbie

    has anyone made a youtube video or something similar to these steps???
  15. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Not that I'm aware of. I'd make one, but I don't have time now, and I'll be out of town until Friday. I'm sure you want this before then. Are you having trouble with a particular step?
  16. Haven1657

    Haven1657 Newbie

    i got into my SD card with the adapter. where do i plug the PC36IMG.zip file?
  17. Haven1657

    Haven1657 Newbie

    my phone doesnt recognize the PC36IMG.zip is that the correct link to download.. When i open the downloaded file theres a box that says "Thank you for trying Winzip, This copy of winzip will not work after your evaluated period expires" and then it asks to buy or use evaluation version?? what do i do nxt??
  18. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    How did I miss this thread???? Akazabam I think I have the direct links to each devs site....will try and het them to you tonight.
  19. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Looks like you figured it out :) from your other thread. Yeah, you're not supposed to open the file. You just copy the renamed zip as it is.

    Mr. Ed, thanks for the offer, but I know these work :). I got the image files from the developers' sites in the first place :).
  20. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    okies...just figured they should be linked...since they are the ones that developed them and all :)
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  21. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ah, that's what you meant. That's indeed a good idea. I'm leaving in just a few minutes. If you have the links handy, you can them to me, and I'll add them to the OP tonight or tomorrow. Thanks :).
  22. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Added a few CW and RA links to the OP.
  23. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Updated the OP with Amon RA 2.3 PC36IMG.zip and flash_image instructions.
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  24. SiGuy11

    SiGuy11 Newbie

    Might be a dumb question but when making a nand backup using amon ra which options should be checked? The paranoid me wants to check them all but when I dont think I need to backup things like boot, recovery, or cache right?

    I think the important stuff would be the system, data, and wimax?

    Have no idea what sd-ext, and .android_secure.
  25. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Android Expert

    Only check those 2 if you partitioned your sd card. If you have those checked w/o having a partitioned sd-card, you'll get an error when attempting to perform a nandroid backup.
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  26. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    You'll need boot, system, and data. You should have wimax in at least one, but it can't hurt to check it every time. Cache is not necessary, but you might want to wipe cache before restoring a nandroid if you don't include it (just to be safe; I'm not sure if it wipes cache as part of the process now). Select .android_secure if you intend to make changes to apps on your sdcard (via froyo apps2sd) between making a backup and restoring it. Don't bother with sd-ext unless you have partitioned your sdcard and use a2sd. If you don't know what that means, then just don't check it :). If you're using RA 2.3, if you select it, and don't have the partition, it will just skip it. Versions prior to that would error out.
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