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ClockWorkMod on multiple devices

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bambinou, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. bambinou

    bambinou Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Anyone experienced with ClockWorkMod please?
    If you have multiple mobile phones of the same types(galaxy note 2), would it be possible to set the first mobile(with all the apps,emails and more), backup to the phone and reload this backup in all the phones? Would this works? or does a phone backup is proprietary to each phone?

    I need identical setup on 13 phones.

    Thank you,


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  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Welcome to the forums, Ben!
    Yes, if you have a Nandroid backup from one Note 2, you can restore it on all of the rest of them.
  3. bambinou

    bambinou Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Dreadnatty08,

    Thank you so much for the reply.
    By Nandroid you mean an Android backup? Or is "Nandroid the technical term for Android backup?

    So , let's say I do the first experiment, I already have ClockWorkMod on an Android phone, can I still use it on another Android?

    If yes, how would you manage to get the download to the other phone please?

    Now if I manage to get ClocWorkMod on the first of the 13 Galaxy note 2 devices, I do the first backup on a Micro SD card, am I right?, then what do I do next? How can I move the backup to the next of the 13 Android phone?

    Thank you,

  4. mydian

    mydian Android Expert

    A Nandroid is what an Android backup created by ClockWorkMod is called.

    You'll have to install ClockWorkMod on all 13 phones. After you make the backup of the 1st one on to a Micro SD Card you'll need to copy that backup's entire folder to the /clockworkmod/backup folder on each of the other phone's micro sd cards. I would use a PC to copy the backups. But you could upload/download them to something like dropbox or whatever you want.

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