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Clockworkmod/rommanager issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by selvikin, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. selvikin

    selvikin Member
    Thread Starter

    Rooted my wife's fascinate fine downloaded rommanager and flashed cwm, said it installed successfully. Then tried to backup, went to recovery,but it didn't look like cwm, is it different on this phone? Also it failed to backup and showed a sign verification error. Should I redo the cwm? It should be the fascinate version right? Thanks in advance

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  2. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    did you flash cwm in odin?
  3. nklenchik

    nklenchik Android Enthusiast

    It varies from phone to phone. You need to also flash CW through Odin. I'm lazy with providing links, but I'm sure someone can provide you with some :)
  4. selvikin

    selvikin Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay I'll do that when I get home. Thought you could do it through the app. Thanks again!

    EDIT: SUCCESS!! Thanks!

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