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[Closed] CleanROM 1.0 - Rule Your Phone NOW!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PMTerp, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. PMTerp

    PMTerp Member
    Thread Starter

    I take credit only in loving scrosler's work...this is all his!

    Check out his site for downloads and more info.

    CleanROM was designed to be a cleaned up Verizon Stock ROM with minor features and enhancements! This is not a themed ROM! All HTC and Google Apps are up to date as of 12/28/2011. ROM is de-odexed and based on official Verizon RUU 1.02.605.6.

    If you liked CleanTOOL you are going to LOVE CleanROM!

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  2. jeff0r3

    jeff0r3 Member

    Looks GREAT!! I want, just need to do everything to get it there... Day 2 of owning the Rezound!! Loving it!!!
  3. scrosler

    scrosler Android Enthusiast

  4. PMTerp

    PMTerp Member
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