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[CLOSED]Request Kernel Source

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mobstergunz, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  2. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Android Enthusiast

  3. CTS_AE

    CTS_AE Newbie

    ready, set, spam
  4. stevestone

    stevestone Well-Known Member

    I DID>>> thanks for another thread in this forum too...
  5. CTS_AE

    CTS_AE Newbie

    Surely you guys have received responses, but I figured I'd post what I got back:

    Dear Cody Swartz,
    Thank you for contacting ZTE and your prompt reply.

    If you are looking for the Kernel source code than

    Please check in the below link .


    If that model is not available there than we really Sorry to inform you that we can't provide this now it may take more time depends on the technical department.

    You can also contact the local dealer where you purchased the device to or network operator to send a request to ZTE so that we can release the Kernel source code because

    ZTE is not selling any product to the customer or in the market directly.

    ZTE will sell only in bulk quantity to the network provider and to the dealer

    Should there be further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best Regards
  6. stevestone

    stevestone Well-Known Member

    They f**king just do cut and paste. everyone got the same reply.. This weekend i m gonna collect all the @zte.com.cn via google and mail them all.... Someone told some the release kernel code maybe like years later..
  7. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    @CTS_AE yeah I got that same message. It seems odd though since Network providers like VM usually tell you they have nothing to do with source. Anyway I'll email VM and see what they say.

    Edit: This what i got from VM

    Still I find it odd that they call it an update :thinking:
  8. ryanb876

    ryanb876 Newbie

    Here's some emails via google:

    1. najeeb.khan2@zte.com.cn
    2. najeeb.khan@zte.com.cn
    3. yao.deepak@zte.com.cn
    4. najeeb.khan1@zte.com.cn
    5. yao.pak@zte.com.cn
    6. najeeb.khan4@zte.com.cn
    7. najeeb.khan8@zte.com.cn
    8. yao.deepak@zte.com.cn
    9. lu.jingming@zte.com.cn
    10. sajid@zte.com.pk
    11. najeeb.khan3@zte.com.cn
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  9. ryanb876

    ryanb876 Newbie

    The ZTE warp was released to boost mobile on November 4, 2011 and they just released the Source Code on December 24, 2013.

    That's more than two years to get the source code.

    The ZTE Blade 3 was released September 2012 and the SC was released October 2013

    But on the upside, the ZTE Blade V has not been released yet(according to gsmarena) and the SC was released in October 2013.

    It appears ZTE has no chronic schedule when it comes to Source Code. From the data, the N9810 SC could be released between tomorrow or the next two years.
  10. ryanb876

    ryanb876 Newbie

    I called ZTE support and the guy said their tech team was working on it and it would be released as soon as possible. I asked him for a time estimate and he said he didn't know.
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  11. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Android Enthusiast

    Care to share the number?
  12. ryanb876

    ryanb876 Newbie

    Their number is 1-877-817-1759
  13. vynylscratch

    vynylscratch Newbie

    They have released the kernel source today. 1/8/14, Woot!:)
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  14. stevestone

    stevestone Well-Known Member

    Lovely.. muah..
  15. vynylscratch

    vynylscratch Newbie

    I will create a thread with the full file mirrored to d-h.st, because the parts and unzipping than unzipping again... lol
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  16. stevestone

    stevestone Well-Known Member

    Do it fast.. zte is weird lol... anytime there server goes down.. lol i m in train so i cant download it.. i will be doing to, once i am home... btw thanks for a great news. It made my day..
  17. vynylscratch

    vynylscratch Newbie

    There you go, on a new thread, lol.

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