Help Cloudmobile down

Hi All,

Yesterday I made a mistake of issuing the wrong command via adb on my device, and it looks like I have an empty phone right now. The only sign of life was an unidentified driver in the device manager showing up as QH-USBLOAD. So after some digging I was able to figure out I needed the Qualcomm drivers and a tool called QSPT, which I found together with a package called Acer Emergency Tool. After installing everything, my phone shows up as connected in DownloadMode (so it's not dead).Now, when I follow the instructions given in the tutorial present in the package (load build xml file and selecting both hex programmer and mbn files, I got an error about a coockie not being present, which, according to the tutorial, meant I had the wrong SKU. I tried modifying the xml, and provided a boot img I have from backup, and this time it went trough. Problem is, my phone should enter crashstate (bluescreen) and then the acer device is supposed to be recognised. But, that doesn't happen. I get a return of no error by the software, so in my understanding the bootimg was succesfully downloaded, still no sign of life...Any suggestions on this one?


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