Apr 25, 2013
this is not my rom.....I just can't believe it's not here yet.....
Here ya go folks, a proper port of CM7 for the LG Optimus M. Donations are greatly appreciated, but are not required!!

  • Author: PlayfulGod
  • Developers: PlayfulGod and BobZhome
  • Current Version: 10182011
  • Description: CM7 port for the LG Optimus M. Well, let's be honest. Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) is. Furthermore, you should know what the CyanogenMod project is. However, if a rock is really your home and you'd like to learn more, please visit their site: CyanogenMod | Android Community Rom based on Jelly Bean


People I wish to thank

  • BobZhome - for his assistance and forked Repo
  • inferiorhumanorgans - for his awesome coded repo for the LG Optimus line. Sure made it easier to port CM7 to the OC.
  • zefie - for the original port & repo from the thunderg to thunderc.
  • aospbot - I think he had a hand in the original porting somewhere, so want to throw him some credit too.
  • sillyputtyddd - for his testing, feedback, providing needed file, info, and insight.
  • chris9983 - for his testing, feedback, and providing needed info from the OC.
  • Woof, gregcapps - for testing and feedback.
  • thevisitor83 - for testing the MS690 builds and providing the needed files.
  • isaacj87 - for his continued support and advice.
  • koush - for his kickass recovery.
  • CyanogenMod - should I say more? Thanks for the best ROM out for our Android devices.
  • The Android Community as a whole for supporting me while I do stuff I enjoy. :)
Whats Not Working:


  • 08172011
    • sync with CM Repos (2.3.5)
  • 08182011
    • initial build
    • Fixed Network GPS
    • Fixed launcher/added launcher pro
  • 08192011-build 1
    • Changes to try to fix bluetooth
    • Changes to try to fix GPS Satellite
    • Fix for Roaming on lock screen
    • attempt to fix mms
    • added BobZhome oc'd kernel
      • 08192011-build 2
        • Replace kernel with one I compiled
  • 08202011-build 1
    • Applied some more MMS fixes for CricKet
    • Replaced kernel with stock kernel for now
      • build 2
        • MMS fix
        • GPS fix
  • 08212011 build1
    • Synced with BobZhome's repo
    • trying a different bluetooth driver
      • Build 2
        • Switch back to my repo
        • Stock kernel still used
        • Applied GPS fixes
        • Applied MMS fixes
  • 08292011
    • Bluetooth fixed
    • Custom bootanimation added back
    • ADW used from CM src
  • 08302011
    • Compiled build for MS690
    • Initial testing
    • Initial release
  • 08292011
  • Bluetooth fixed
    • Custom bootanimation added back
    • ADW used from CM src
  • 09032011
    • Plague Overclocked kernel - by PlayfulGod, thanks to isaacj87, reppard, and BobZhome for their assistance. Cpu scaling added for 672, 691, 710, 729, 748, 768, 787, and 806, and beyond for those brave and lucky souls ;).
    • cpufreq for CM7 cpu setting
    • TronDroid added to CMWallpapers and as default wallpaper.
    • Custom initlogo (bootsplash)
    • camera fixed
  • 09072011
  • Release with all previous mentioned.
  • 09082011
    • reverted the screen fix
    • bootsound
  • 09092011
    • kernel tweaks, default cpu speed set @600Mhz, smartass and interactive governors added.
    • screen lag fixed - Thanks to BobZhome for finding that. ;)
    • Custom themes added, Honeycomb 3D 3dicon and Rovers Cyan
    • DT's a2sd
  • 09112011
    • Plague Kernel updated, now max overclock of 921Mhz
      • ext4 support
      • swap support
      • max oc of 921Mhz
      • smartass governor
      • interactive governor
    • Inverted camera fixed - download and flash kernel update.
  • 09192011
    • Synced with CM repo
    • Plague kernel updated with smartass2 governor
  • 10182011
    • Synced with CM repo (2.3.7)
Install Notes

  • Install in CWM like any other ROM.


Note on Version Protocol: Current version protocol is CM-7-7.2-LG-MS690-DATE-signed.zip.
Note 1: Using a cpu oc app and settings the min cpu speed up to around 245 seems to help the screen wake up issue.

md5sum: e5be0fe86e2c9f061d48d59ab5057988
  • Available thru ROM Manager now too!!!

  • Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM): recovery.img CWM-
    • If on CM7
      • Download and copy to sdcard
      • Either in terminal on the phone or from adb shell type:
su cd sdcard flash_image recovery recovery.img

md5sum: 87ffe96c5e94531d96d018e09c701581

  • Plague Kernel v2.0: Plague kernel cpufreq's up to 864Mhz. Also fixes inverted camera issue.
md5sum: d66cbdd78a93c231b2e93c556ae00a2d

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery:

How to Install Unofficial CWM with ROM Manager
Its been reported that fastboot is disabled in the bootloader on the OM. An app called Flash Image GUI seems to install CWM with ease. And there is always the terminal method:

  • Open command prompt
adb shell adb su mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock5 /system cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img reboot recovery You can also install via a terminal program, but again the recovery.img and flash_image must both be on the root of your sd card
su mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock5 /system cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img reboot recovery
This installed PlayfulGod's recovery and booted into it. You then must use the volume up/down keys to navigate the menu and camera button to actually access the menu/command.
I also installed the recovery using Flash Image GUI that I found a PPC geeks. I can confirm that PlayfulGod's recovery works well. It does have a error message at the bottom, but that doesn't seem to screw up any functions

  • Thanks to sillyputtyddd for the correct command syntax.

Note: To boot into recovery do the following:

  • Turn off phone, hold down the power button + volume down + home button.

  • Thanks to papasmurf520 for the key combo.
Yea BobzHome and Playfulgod were pretty powerful ROMs for this phone back in its day. I've since stopped using the M but I still run Bobz on it, the one for 11-13-11.
I just flashed cwm through rom manager rebooted back to home screen fine turned device off to reboot into recovery to flash rom now stuck in fastboot how do I fix this please