Any cm updates yet?


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nothing flashes and nothingboots. we need a new cwm and i dont have the space to build one

where would one go about learning how to build a recovery? I have plenty of space on my laptop, but like many people here, no developing experience whatsoever. I could try looking for a tutorial or something! anyway, I'd be willing to test new recoveries if they do come about :p
(probably going to format my laptop's hard drive and start fresh too..not sure)


Wat ive read cause u get error 7 which means its the script
the recovery isnt the issue.
the error 7 is because cm11 uses the new "set_metadata" instead of "set_perm" which is an easy fix with notepad++ and a modded update-binary but i dont think it is built correctly cause i cant pull any type of logcat or dmesg from the kernel. flashing the system.img via odin fails with a "partition table doesnt exist" message as well.

if someone can give me the actual build log or be kind enough to build a new test maybe we can get things moving along. until then i have no idea. im more of a smali edit guy ive never built successfully.