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CM12.1 Unofficial Beta

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bad_MOFO_33, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. phbjx

    phbjx Newbie

    Camera video didn't work for me in new build 5/28(29)


  2. This is a known issue, the devs don't need people informing them of known issues
  3. redjama

    redjama Android Enthusiast

    If you can post a logcat. That's the only way the little bugs are gonna get fixed cause not everyone is having the same exact issues.
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  4. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone else had a problem with netflix video not playing?
  5. frenchiet

    frenchiet Newbie

    Yes previously stated before my post, video playback isn't working yet.
  6. phbjx

    phbjx Newbie

    I thought it was fixed in last build?
  7. Wopman

    Wopman Newbie

    Mine was fixed in the latest build.
  8. Lilmikz

    Lilmikz Newbie

    Fm radio link didn't work thanks for trying and I was wondering if u can fix WiFi sleep option I have it set to WiFi always on durning sleep it still turns off.
  9. The camera was fixed for me but maybe not everyone, there will continue to be small problems because as we have discovered, most volts are different from each other
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  10. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    Video playback is fine with youtube and NatGeo app. You think maybe it has anything to do with google play services? I may try another version of Gapps and see what that does.
  11. frenchiet

    frenchiet Newbie

    I doubt it, and your right Youtube works but apps like Twitter etc it seems like some videos work and some dont the videos that dont work say "Cannot play video" but we'll just haft to wait and be patient while the hard working devs put in work!
  12. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    Providing feedback on roms in the development stage is essential in working out the kinks. I think most devs welcome any perspective that can contribute to a better piece of software.
  13. whoshotjr2006

    whoshotjr2006 Android Enthusiast

    You are correct. Positive contributions to the discussion are absolutely welcome here, such as logcats and steps to reproduce an issue.

    What I take issue with for example is the spamming of threads like the above two posts which were both reported to the mods for being completely off topic and useless to development. Seriously people, move your off topic crap to the general threads. We don't care about beats headphones, or how you use this rom everyday.

    Its nice to hear thanks, but its frustrating to sift through so many posts to see what you want to see related to bugs and development. Reserve your appreciation for when you post a bug report, dmesg, logcat, hot tip on how to fix something.
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  14. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±

    done. Removed off topic posts. This thread is long enough without those kinds of posts, so please keep it on topic thanks;)

    Any questions, tick my avatar to chat with me. :)

    Ima ghost.
  15. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    Here is a logcat from my Volt with the latest cm 12.1 build. Trying to load netflix video.

    Attached Files:

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  16. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Running short on time this week, busy with work, so decided to post this update for the time being.

    Update 5/31/2015:
    Latest nightlies build

    Will get to logcats in free time, sometime this week, sorry and thanks for patience and understanding
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  17. frenchiet

    frenchiet Newbie

    What exactly did the update change because i did an dirty flash and once it rebooted the dpi was changed to default, Supersu wont install the binary and from the looks it likes like a few settings were changed.

    EDIT: Problem fixed for anyone else who has this problem just disable Dev Options and enable it again once you do that enable root access and let Supersu install its binary.
    #1517 frenchiet, Jun 2, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2015
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  18. Ghost_Killer_134

    Ghost_Killer_134 Well-Known Member

    Is there any idea of when most things will work when downloadimg the regular zip file. I domt want o have to download and flash fixes on top of the rom.
  19. rayandroid

    rayandroid Newbie

    Most things work now. Practically Everything. NFC is stupid and unless you're helping the Devs or bricked your phone, ADB is pretty useless. What I don't understand about these Roms doesn't actually have anything to do with the rom. Cm12-11, comes short on stock roms by less than one hand. Call me a $martas$ I do apologize but Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, it all works except for videos on them and the browser, same "Known" issue. The Camera is back on our Volts enabling us to capture our greatest times once again. To easily switch to your best rom and dramatically save the irritation, it's in the post: *Make/Save all your backups and restore. Simple.
    i AM sorry it just sucks coming up here now and then to read the same, answered questions- seeing how the Devs rarely ask for anything while they're trying their best and taking in a ton of pressure. It must really suck.
    Backup/Save/Flash/Restore/Help and Upgrade our Phones.
    Thanks to all the Devs and Development.
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  20. phbjx

    phbjx Newbie

    Does usb tethering have to do with adb?
  21. xercurial

    xercurial Newbie

    testing now
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  22. xercurial

    xercurial Newbie

    back camera still has green tint on the 5-31 other than that its fine, i dont really NFC and all that, maybe free more ram sometimes, my LG F60 has about 55o free ram and they basically have the same specs so that would be great, take your time on developing dont let complaning users rush you
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  23. xercurial

    xercurial Newbie

    also the headphone output is s0 staticy so much noise (audiophile problems lol) but it cant be ignored
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  24. Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher Member

    Hi all, I took a break from this rom because of LTE. Any progress on that?
  25. ScarletRooter

    ScarletRooter Well-Known Member

    It seems to me like the rear camera problem is that it is focusing on the light. I noticed that putting my hand up to the lens and quickly pulling it away has a significant affect on it. Some lighting conditions seem to get rid of the green tint as well
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