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CM12.1 Unofficial Beta

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bad_MOFO_33, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. tytyty1

    tytyty1 Newbie

    LTE works fine(on boost atleast) after you run the correct APN Fix(Check OP).
    Also its not listed but in the latest version you no longer seem to have to toggle the data connection back on when switching from Wi-Fi so the data connection seems to automatically connect now.

    BTW this phone is out for 3 different providers so if you don't list your provider it makes it difficult to say for certain whether or not progress was made.

    I was having FC issues with the latest release so I reinstalled the rom this time CLEAN. There appears to only be one Boost Mobile APN that comes with the Rom so I had to flash the APN fix again to get an active data connection.

    -Also if you are having trouble with receiving or sending mms' "Textra" works great for any carrier(You can change the APN settings for mms' inside the app)
    -The latest ROM appears to have issues with the back button being irresponsive after being pressed(to the point where I got a Bug Report out of it)
    -The volume doesn't work when in a call(tested with voicemail even at lowest setting it was so loud it nearly sounded like it was on speaker)


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  2. CrimsonToker

    CrimsonToker Android Expert

    I've been using this for a few days, and there's a few issues I've run into:

    1) LTE still isn't working for me. Ran the correct boost apn fix, could receive mms but still no lte. 3g is just fine.

    2) I've seen people on xda say they got Xposed working, but following the steps didn't work for me. That is kind of a big loss for me, I use it a lot.

    3) Although I DID get viper 4 android working, something about the sound was still terribly wrong. Music was very fuzzy, and after over an hour fiddling with viper's settings, I still couldn't get it to sound right.

    I don't know if a logcat will help, but before flashing a new ROM I took one anyway. Otherwise, this ROM was very nice. I will try again after further updates!

    EDIT: having trouble uploading the logcat, pm me your email, Dev, and I can send it that way, if you want
  3. geekhandstrong

    geekhandstrong Well-Known Member

    i just install NEXTradio in the play store. it uses the fm receiver instead of internet radio. don't forgot to use your headphones, as it uses the wire for an antenna.
  4. jamesnapoleon

    jamesnapoleon Lurker

    Thank you and everyone else for all your hard work. I'm downloading now. Will report back with results. Thanks again for breathing new life into this device.
  5. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    How did you get Viper to work. Cause apparently Google music won't play any music if I force it to compatible mode
  6. tytyty1

    tytyty1 Newbie

    The newest version doesn't have a working APN for boost so just flash the Fix over it. After you install the fix turn off your wifi and go to settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Then select the APN that says "APN2 Boost Internet EHRPD" if you did everything correctly your LTE should show up and the other APN will become re-enabled.

    Screenshot below of LTE on my boost mobile volt latest cm12.1

    Attached Files:

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  7. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

  8. ThaAdvocate

    ThaAdvocate Newbie

    it runs pretty good....the only issue if course is data....its just stuck on roaming ......boost mobile...tried flashing the apn fix...but signature verification issue in twrp....shall i use the twrp provided because i have a different version from another source.
  9. Darren Rutherford

    Darren Rutherford Well-Known Member

    I don't like the one provided, as it takes forever to wipe things.
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  10. whoshotjr2006

    whoshotjr2006 Android Enthusiast

    There probably should be another lollipop twrp build soon and with all the changes from when it was built till now. Maybe one of the new guys with cm12 sources downloaded could run a build and take it over, keep it updated.
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  11. Ph0enix_216

    Ph0enix_216 Android Enthusiast

    I volunteer as tribute
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  12. Ntrigger

    Ntrigger Lurker

    Hey man, you think you could let me in on that camera app you got to tether? i've been looking for ages.
  13. phbjx

    phbjx Newbie

    Why does MTP need USB drivers installed on the computer in this ROM?

    It works in twrp recovery....
  14. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    So I'll flash this later tonight but both cameras and the LTE work for the boost Volt?
  15. tytyty1

    tytyty1 Newbie

    LTE works for me but not the original one included in Rom I had to flash the fix and go to the APN menu with wifi off and select one of them. Both cameras work however the recording function doesn't work right unless using an alternative app(they tend to have a lower quality/framerate).
  16. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    Thanks. I can care less about bid recording. And I was going to dirty flash this cause I'm lazy and don't want to install all my apps again
  17. ChatoGuy101

    ChatoGuy101 Newbie

    So I see many people say that the video playback does not work. I did notice that on the stock ROM video playback of 480p+ was supported but using this ROM it only plays videos up to 360p. How does that work?

    (I'm a n00b at all this custom ROM stuff)
  18. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    I may just be lucky but I never had to flash the apn fix to have LTE work. Clean flashed this rom and it worked. Even dirty flashed the latest update and it still works.
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  19. geekhandstrong

    geekhandstrong Well-Known Member

    after fumbling around in the dark for what seemed like AEONS, i finally got radio and LTE on this bullpuppy to work. can report that the camera fully works with the stock app. the green actually fades after a few seconds and pictures come out clear.
    <<insert snoopy dance here>>
    mucho thanks to everyone busting their humps for this project. i believe we have almost attained perfection, gentlemen.
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  20. ThaAdvocate

    ThaAdvocate Newbie

    so ive noticed.....i guess with more developent it will get faster. i wish i had the time to develop like i really want to
  21. ThaAdvocate

    ThaAdvocate Newbie

    is there a changelog for each update?
  22. geekhandstrong

    geekhandstrong Well-Known Member

    small but weird change in the latest release. when playing music in the speakerphone, even at full volume it's very weak. the flip side of that is calls are pretty doggone loud when using mic'd headphones.
  23. ThaAdvocate

    ThaAdvocate Newbie

    HA!!! great...my girlfriend mentioned there was a sound issue......she knows nothing about any of this stuff she thinks a bug is an actual bug(shes a non techy but perfect this should fix her problem then so she can stop saying i wrecked her phone lol.......ill be testing later on.
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  24. geekhandstrong

    geekhandstrong Well-Known Member

    just drain the speaker fluid in the headphones and replace it in the other. done. now wasn't that simple?!

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