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CM6 RC3 is available through rom manager

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bowtieduece, Aug 15, 2010.


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  1. bowtieduece

    bowtieduece Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Installing now :)

    ***** ROM Reviews *****

    Review by emdmao
    Initial setup

    Flashing from Sapphire 1.0 after wiping boot, system, data and cache, initial boot took 3 minutes (with a VERY well done boot animation). Data and apps restored in 10 minutes with no issues


    I opted to use ADWLauncher which is selected when downloading via ROM Manager. With the stock kernel it is incredibly smooth with no "stuttering" or lag when opening apps or flipping through home screens. I have not experienced one screen redraw in 4 days (more on this in the features discussion).

    My current set up is with slayher's new 1.1ghz LV kernel with a new governor called "interactive". More information can be found here Froyo Kernels by slayher - CyanogenMod Forum . This is without a doubt the best ROM performance wise I have tried. Quick and smooth is the best way to describe it, it just feels like it was MADE for this phone.

    Additional features

    C'mon, this is cyanogenmod, you know there are going to be a ton of features! RC3 does not disappoint. Including video app (much like the stock music app), DSPManager (an audio equalizer app) to adjust your audio via a headset, the phones speakers, or a bluetooth device.

    Additional call settings (built in blacklist, turn over to silence). The ability to move any app to your sd card. Lockscreen music controls, haptic feedback tweaks.

    Performance tweaks. The best I have used is the "lock home in memory". I know home replacements (ADW and LP have this option, but it does not work as well). I have not had a single screen redraw.

    Huge LED notification customizations for apps. Backlight tweaks, status bar and notification tweaks.

    BUT, I have saved the best for last. The power control widget is completely customizable and has incredible features. Data disable, enabling wifi disables data, 2g/3g switch. This isn't even a fraction of the abilities it has. There are too many to list.


    CM6 RC3 just works and works incredibly well. I highly recommend you try it with one of slayher's new kernels. Battery life is off the charts, especially with the ability to toggle data. I don't give the battery a second thought and go a whole day and put it on the charger at %80. The only draw back is the selection of themes, but that is because it is still a release candidate and not a finished product. When CM6 is finally released more themes will be ported.



    Review by SoDroid
    Review: CM6 RC3

    This is a brief review as there is not a substantial difference between this and RC2. For a full review, read this and the reviews at the RC2 thread here.

    Installation & Set-up
    For RC3, I simply updated the RC2 I was previously on. It went exactly as it should and I was up and running with RC3 in minutes.

    I felt that the performance of this rom was nearly on par with Sapphire. I love Sapphire so that is saying a lot. It now has an option to lock home in memory which does decrease screen redraws to nearly nonexistent for me. Compcache is also now included in the CM Settings. I do feel the performance is slightly better in this build in comparison to RC2, unfortunately the battery life does take a significant drop. Battery life in RC2 was not good to begin with. It seems to have gotten even worst in RC3. I am averaging less than 10 hours per charge. If I do not charge during the day, I won

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  2. bp328i

    bp328i Android Enthusiast

    Already up and running, I'm coming from the latest nightly and did not wipe and I'm having no issues.
  3. magdelaine

    magdelaine Android Enthusiast

    Downloading now...

    Up and running w/ no wipe. Popping into and out of the LauncherPro 3D app drawer plus scrolling animations are smoother and faster than RC2. No lag, very responsive. :) :)
  4. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    Heres the Changelog and some direct links.



    ANDROID: Google, HTC, Qualcomm, and everybody else. We <3 U
    Common: Deskclock extra settings - cyanogen, mtwebster
    Common: ADWLauncher 1.0.1 - Ander Webbs
    Common: Music app enhancements - Eliot Stocker
    Common: Phone mod V.30.1 - cytown
    Common: WyContacts 1.2 - Wysie (port to Froyo by Sileht)
    Common: Superuser 2.2.2 - Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)
    Common: MMS enhancements from Ruqqq, Takuo Kitame, jeagoss, temporalshadows
    Common: Improved RTL text rendering - David Kohen, Omri Baumer
    Common: Themable user interface elements - Wysie, bcrook, jeagoss
    Common: FLAC playback support - Kenny Root, Cyanogen, Glenn Maynard
    Common: Lockscreen enhancements - Wysie
    Common: Long-press home options - Wysie, bcrook
    Common: OpenVPN support - James Bottomley, Takuo Kitame
    Common: Br0tips - Kmobs
    Common: Browser incognito mode - Optedoblivion
    Common: Zipalign on install (if needed) + system dex cache to /cache - Cyanogen/Chris Soyars
    Common: Customizable Nexus LWP - Chris Soyars/Cyanogen
    Common: JIT toggle, configurable heapsize, compcache supprt - Cyanogen
    Common: Adjustable haptic feedback - Michael Webster
    Common: Custom wallpapers - jairomeo, prash, SatanR1
    Common: Battery percentage display - canadiancow, jeagoss
    Common: Trackball wake, trackball unlock, menu unlock - Jon Boekenoogen/Kmobs
    Common: Surfaceflinger night mode and effects - Jeff Sharkey, widget from Wysie
    Common: Reflow webviews on pinch option - Jonas Larsson
    Common: Enhanced accelerometer settings - Jonas Larsson
    Common: A2DP bugfixes - Glenn Maynard
    Common: Browser fullscreen mode and other enhancements - Wysie
    Common: Translations: Takuo Kitame, Matthias B
  5. mrthundercleese

    mrthundercleese Well-Known Member

    And just last night I was debating on instilling another nightly. Don't have to now :).
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  6. defkorn

    defkorn Android Enthusiast

    I just installed RC3 and am having issues with Swype. I get a message saying it is not intended for my device. I tried downloading a new version from the Swype installer, didn't work either. I tried switching back and forth between input methods, still not working. Any advice?
  7. macktns

    macktns Member

    can't get launcherpro open but i just did a factory reset, will see if that works...

    edit: then it gets stuck at boot logo
  8. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    Launcher pro works fine for me
  9. macktns

    macktns Member

    hmm i tried reinstalling it and everything but after the factory reset it wouldn't boot, luckily i just did nandroid backup so i went back to bb but i will try again prolly

    whats the difference between gapps and rc3? i haven't used a cyanogen before
  10. bp328i

    bp328i Android Enthusiast

    RC3 is the ROM, gapps are all the google apps like your market, you need to flash the gapps after RC3.
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  11. macktns

    macktns Member

    oh haha g apps got it thx
  12. magdelaine

    magdelaine Android Enthusiast

    Use ShapeWriter? I got tired of issues with Swype many ROMs ago. It's a little different, but once you learn it, I think it's faster than Swype.
  13. MicroNix

    MicroNix Android Enthusiast

    Been running BB 0.4 and decided to try about CG RC3 to see what all the fuss is always about. Sadly, BT is broken now (won't pair with my vehicle) just like with the JRummy builds and lags something fierce. This was even with a wipe. I'll be flashing back to BB 0.4.

    Just as a comment for those who compare, on my device, BB 0.4 smokes CG R3. Quadrant scores are higher with BB as well.

    No flaming intended since I have a high level of respect for ALL of the devs and their efforts.
  14. macktns

    macktns Member

    got it to work but it took 3 tries, sucked but whatever this is a sweet rom, love the boot logo despite the problems i had with it before haha
  15. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Android Enthusiast

    This thing is loaded with goodies. The new power widget has a TON of options.
  16. magdelaine

    magdelaine Android Enthusiast

    Just FYI, I found that going to CG from any other Froyo was buggy to impossible without wiping all four partitions at least twice, including boot and system.

    CG is different enough that remnants of other Froyo installs cause problems. I haven't tried BT since flashing, though, so no comment on that.

    Edit: Just paired with my computer and I'm playing Pandora on my computer through my Droid. Never did that before! No issues.
  17. cfoley23

    cfoley23 Member

    I installed from Rom Manager and when it asked to install launcher i picked launcher2. when i booted up i set launcher pro and it wouldnt stay as the launcher when i had it set as default in the system and in home switcher. so i figured i would reinstall it from rom manager again but this time with ADW and now everything works perfectly. thanks for the great stuff!
  18. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    It's CM (CyanogenMod), not CG. :)

    Ran R3 briefly (had to go back to stock as I'm returning my Droid) and BT worked fine.
  19. No kidding- there are more options than I know what to do with... it's awesome. :)
  20. ShuttleXpC

    ShuttleXpC Newbie


    I just opened the build file in the zip, its FRG01B

    What build is this using? FRF?
  21. Zalandis

    Zalandis Newbie

    Yeah I think im sticking to this one for now. Really digging it.
  22. cruud

    cruud Well-Known Member

    A few hours in and so far this is the best ROM I've ever used. It's running as smooth as I expect android too. I'll update if it goes to flames and it could.
  23. vipergtx500

    vipergtx500 Lurker

    wiped from RC2, no problems, swype works fine, running smooth
  24. razorclose

    razorclose Well-Known Member

    Wiped From RC2, running great so far
  25. AutoCANE

    AutoCANE Lurker

    Had a little weirdness installing, but once that was dealt with I installed from RC2 with a full wipe and couldn't be happier. Awesome ROM, highlights so far would be the Power Control Widget and all of its options, and the LED Settings under the CM Settings Menu - makes it so easy to give all different apps a different LED Color.

    Best ROM I've used to date...and I haven't even tried a new kernel. I may not install one, this thing is snappy. Depends on the battery life. I have had horrible battery life with every kernel I have ever installed.

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