Root CM7 and vvm


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So I just installed CM7 and the newest gapps, 5/04 I believe. I have all my Google apps buy the vvm is mia. Anyone know where it might be? Or do I need to follow the xda thread and use the titanium backup file and yayaya?


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What is meant by vvm fix? I missed the part that it was a fix. I have the vvm .apk from using the froyo version of miui. Will that work? And since gapps has a "fix" do I need to reinstall it after installing sprint?
that is probably the easiest way to do it. there is also a gapps with the vvm fix in it as well. i think you need the sprint apk though. it does not have it. here is the gapp file Latest GAPPS with the VVM fix, for any ASOP rom 2.3.3.or 2.3.4 - xda-developers. for me i am using google voice with no problems.

Sorry for getting off topic, but I had a question about google voice that you may be able to answer. Is there a way to stay logged in to google voice, and not have it be my primary text message app? I like the whole voicemail part of it, but I use handcent and g. voice overrides it whenever i receive a text. Thanks.


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I had the same question. I haven't found a way to prevent texts going to GV as well as Handcent. Even more annoying is the fact that I've been unable to find a way to mass delete them from GV. I have to long-press and delete each thread manually. Very annoying.


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weird i don't think that is part of googles voice functions. i have handcent as well and i can receive and send text with no problems. i never a text go through google voice. there was nothing special that i did to do this. did you guys go online and register with google voice? also what is cool is that you can integrate your sprint number with google voice number.