Root CM7 but lost contacts


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Ok, I ran titanium backup pro for all apps and data and installed CM7 (nandroid backup right before). Everything is working awesome but I can't seem to get all of my contacts back. The google contacts are there, but the phone contacts are missing (I can't even find my girlfriend's number, ruh oh!).

I used to use backup assistant, but I don't even see how to get that running now. I'm pretty sure TBP has my contacts somewhere...I tried doing data only restore of the "contacts/call" and "sms/mms/apn" and it doesn't seem like anything happened.

Can anyone please help me?


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could you tell me how to export that list to google

Disregard, figured it out, but if anyone has the same question, to go your backup list on verizon's website, select the contact(s), click more actions, export, save it then go to gmail, select contacts, more actions import, choose file.