Root CM7 - Force Close on GAPPS on startup


I rooted (via SD Card) my Nook Color 3 or 4 days ago and everything was fine until last nite when I started getting a few Force Closes on startup and random Force Closes during operation after. The main one I see on startup is
- The process has stopped unexpectedly.

One resultant of this is when I try to connect to WIFI, which again was working perfect, now always gets ERROR when I try to connect (this is just starting up WIFI and before I even try to do a scan). I have already re-installed the GAPPS, and tried to Clear Data for all Google related apps. I also have a CM9 installed which seems to work perfect still and does still connect to WIFI.
- CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC0-encore-KANG

any ideas and suggestions are welcome



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Why did you install a release candidate when 7.2 stable was available? CyanogenMod Downloads

Find Google Play Store in settings... applications and uninstall updates, clear cache and clear data on it. See if that helps.