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Root CM7 "Theme Chooser" themes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jbdan, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Found these at XDA I take no credit these are all rori's he did an amazing job and some of theme have battery % numbers which I love. Anything for a more uncluttered desktop right!

    I've applied all of these to my Inc running CM7 RC1 with invisibleks .37 modded kernel. They all work beautifully even though with some you get a message saying "sorry, this theme is missing assets for your devices screen size". Apply anyway, disregard that msg and reboot after applying a theme and your golden.

    One thing though....be sure your go into your sound settings and change your ringtone and notification tone to what you like as applying these themes changes those settings.

    For those that do not know there are also some themes for the theme chooser app in the market. There are 2 reds ones, an orange and one blue. Redbread, Red Remix, Blue Bionic, and Orange Octane.

    Link to themes

    EDIT: I should have clarified a bit for those that are not familiar. Download the .apk's from the link above and copy to your SD card. Install the .apk's with Astro or similar program. After install they will be present in the "Theme Chooser" app. ENJOY!



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