Root CM7 vs. my music!


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I've flashed CM7 but I can only access some of the music files on my SD card :(. Is there a special music widget that I need to see and select ALL my music files and not just some?


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is it set to ignore files over a certain size? might want to check that in the settings.

Are they like wav or something? Yoou'll need a player to play stuff like that OR just convert them to mp3 anything will play that...


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Where do I find a setting for file sizes? As far as I know, all my music files are mp3's.

Open up the music player and hit menu and then settings, should be a file size setting in there. If they are mp3 I doubt that is the issue because default is like 750 still might as well check.

See what format the ones that aren't showing up are in. Use your computer or a file explorer.