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CM9 for PPMT4 7inch

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ze_muel, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. ze_muel

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    Tried to do as much reading and backing up as possible for this one.

    Was using Stylez's custom ROM for my PPMT4 7 inch and that was working a treat, easy to install and seemed foolproof. Still had to alter my build.prop and copy some missing xml files for increased Google Play compatibility.

    Hungered for Cyanogenmod as I have it on my phone.

    Did some digging and found the Pendo Pad's seem to be rebranded or compatible at least with the Coby Kyros pads.

    Followed the post from the link below and am now running CM9 on my PPMT4 7 inch.

    Seems to work good so far. Even able to run Bluetooth from a usb dongle, although it won't work after going to sleep so the tablet has to be restarted again for that particular function.

    Also the rear camera seems to not be present but my pad is in a leather case with no hole for that camera anyways.

    CM9 for Coby 7042 - Page 5

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