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CMD10 Stopped Readding Sim card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by morkhest, Sep 17, 2013.

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    So i installed CMD 10 in my captivate sgh 1897 some months ago,everything working perfect, and since a week or so my cat bit the charger i managed to power up with my fiancee charger and it wasn't reading my t-mobile sim card anymore, after this cm update notified me that i had 2 new updates that were cm-10.1.3-RC1-captivatemtd.zip and cm-10.1.3-RC2-captivatemtd.zip i installed cm-10.1.3-RC2 then i it was the same so i when back to CMD 10.1.2 since i already had it downloaded with the cm updater, still i have the same problem says no sim, or emergency calls only. i did a factory reset nothing, i also tried deleting the efs folder and reboot since i read somewhere that this worked for somebody, it didn't work for me, im stuck i don't know i tested my sim card in my shitty t mobile phone, it works there, i put a safelink sim card from my moms phone in my captivate and it works so idk what it is it works with the safelink sim, but is no working with the t mobile one anymore, so i really need some help in here. Thanks

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