Coby Kyros 7022 New Market


Hi all,

I am experiencing some problems to install the new android market on my Coby Kyros 7022.

I've followed this video ( in order to instal it, but version I get is quite old, and there are alcking a lot of new apps.

I decided to follow the same process fromthe video but installins in the last step this app: Vending.3.3.12.apk, but after finishing the installation process succesfully, when I open the market app this message pops up:

"the Market app (process has been interrupted. Try it again."

And it inmediatly closes the market.

Any idea about how can I get the latest market working on my Coby kyros 7022? I should say that the old version from the youtube video worked perfectly.

Thanks to all!

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First off welcome to the forums :)

I noticed the device forum for you tablet is pretty dead, so i am going to move this into the Android Lounge where general questions and concerns about Android are answered.

Hopefully someone will be able to assist you there!