Root Coby kyros MID8125 gingerbreak.

Hey, I recently got a Coby Kyros Mid8125 and I am loving it, my ownly question is do you think gingerbreak would work on it? It's running android 2.3.3 and the kernal version is, so I believe the exploit would work for this version because I think they patched it in 2.3.5. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I tried z4root it was a no go, so this is kinda sorta my only way for not to root the tablet. I know this section is for the 8024 models but seeing as this tablet is close and there are no sub forums for this exact model I will hope it's close enough.
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I have a Coby Kyros MID8125 also and I have successfully rooted it with this program. It installs SuperUser also. Just download the latest version and it will not fail you. You have to install Busy Box separately though. I hope this helps.:cool: