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College Station, Tx

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jeremy.glenn87, May 25, 2010.

  1. jeremy.glenn87

    Thread Starter

    Anyone in College Station waiting for the EVO?

    Role call....

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  2. Matt351

    Matt351 Newbie


    On a side note, when are we getting 4G?!
  3. Matt351

    Matt351 Newbie

    Ha! I don't really consider myself an Aggie since I was only at A&M for a couple of years in grad school. I have to stay here until my Aggie wife graduates from Vet school next May. I have to keep telling myself, "It's just one more year. Just one more year!"
  4. jeremy.glenn87

    Thread Starter

    Proudest member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2011!

    I would think with us having 4G all around us it would make sense to add the BCS area.... but who knows. It sure would be nice.

    Ill be waiting in line at the sprint store on the 4th!
  5. Painkillaz

    Painkillaz Well-Known Member

    IMO i don't think college station will get 4g for awhile...at least until sprint finishes building out 4g in major cities first...since college station is only really a college town i dont feel that its big enough to warrant getting it soon...although Waco isnt really that big either...
  6. Matt351

    Matt351 Newbie

    I can understand that College Station isn't necessarily a large market, but neither are (in no particular order) Midland, Odessa, Abilene, Lubbock, Wichita Falls, and Corpus Christi. You would think that Clear could make a killing here with the student population. Last time I was at the Sprint store the manager said we should be part of the second phase of the Houston 4G rollout. Since it was a manager at a Sprint store I believe exactly 0% of what he said. ;)

    --Jeremy why wake up so early and wait in line? I preordered at BB and will picking it up as soon as they open. I was one of two who camped out for the Pre. What a waste that was. I ended up returning it a couple of weeks later and switched to a BlackBerry Tour. Needless to say, I can't wait for my EVO.
  7. hookem12387

    hookem12387 Member

    You get 4g the next time you post a winning season. Could be awhile ;)
  8. Reveille

    Reveille Newbie

    I am Aggie in Dallas but would love for 4g in B/CS for gamedays.
  9. travisr528

    travisr528 Android Enthusiast

    Ut Longhorns have 4G. Had to mess with ya since I am in Austin.
  10. jeremy.glenn87

    Thread Starter

    Well, I was too one of the people that camped for the pre... Were you here in College Station? I was 4th in line...

    the only reason why im not pre-ordering, is because I feel kind of loyal towards the people here at the sprint store. Every time i have ever had a problem they always do whatever it takes to get me rolling again, and they actually remember me every time i come in. they always treat me really great, and the last time i was in the store i mentioned something about being their on the 4th to get the evo.
    I also think they may open a bit earlier than best buy, and i need to get on the road as early as possible, so hopefully i will get in and get out quick if im at the front of the line.
  11. Matt351

    Matt351 Newbie

    I actually camped outside of Best Buy for the Pre. They only had 2 in stock at our store. After the novelty wore off, I couldn't get over the Pre's hardware. As for our Sprint store... it's just okay. It's better than others, but can't touch the one where I used to business in San Antonio. We're both going to be happy campers on the 4th though.
  12. Slick1020

    Slick1020 Android Enthusiast

    Its not about market size its about the MILITARY! The military keeps Abilene, Wichita Falls, and Corpus Christi going. The city of Abilene, Texas fights for Dyess AFB and takes care of the military. Abilene has a STRONG local economy and I am for certain the slow down of the economy did not have a dramatic affect on the city because the military occupies a vast majority of the community. Hence the Air Force has decided to place a C-130J model Wing at Dyess AFB to compliment the B-1B 7th Bomb Wing. Besides, when I picked up my EVO there was people waiting in line while in uniform to get their hands on an EVO. I know at least 6 people in my squadron with an EVO. Number of EVOs in my squadron has probably grown since my deployment.

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